Farsoon introduces its new 16-Laser FS1521M metal 3D printer during TCT Asia 2023.

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Farsoon Technologies has made an exciting announcement at the TCT Asia 2023 event in Shanghai. They have developed the FS1521M, a groundbreaking platform with an ‘extra-large’ build volume that features an impressive 16 fibre lasers. This new system is set to revolutionize the metal laser-powder bed fusion market.

One of the key features of the FS1521M is its impressive build volume. With a build chamber diameter of 1530mm and a Z-axis height of 850mm, this platform allows for the creation of large-format parts. The FS1521M-U also offers an extended Z-height of 1650mm, which Farsoon believes will provide “huge potential” for applications in the oil and gas as well as aerospace industries.

In addition to its size, the FS1521M series offers circular and square build cartridge configurations to meet a wide range of application needs. In fact, the FS1521M-U square cartridge has one of the largest build volumes in the metal laser-powder bed fusion market, measuring 3862 litres.

To ensure uniform mechanical properties throughout the build area, Farsoon has implemented advanced multi-laser scanning strategies with precise control of each laser’s operation and overlap. This ensures consistent quality and performance of printed parts. The system also offers optional modes for efficiency, quality, or balanced performance, allowing manufacturers to optimize their manufacturing process according to their specific needs.

With a build rate of up to 400cm3/h, the FS1521M series offers impressive printing speeds for large-format parts. This allows for faster production or reduced manufacturing costs for volume series production.

Farsoon has also incorporated a gas flow design into the FS1521M series, which ensures stable particle removal in real-time throughout the large platform. The parallel permanent filtration systems allow for uninterrupted operations, further enhancing productivity.

Operational safety is a top priority for Farsoon, and they have implemented a contact-less, closed-loop powder handling system. This system includes powder supply, recycling, and sieving, and is conducted under a fully inert gas-protected environment. The modular redundant powder container design allows for continuous feeding and collection of overflow powder, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

By the start of TCT Asia 2023, Farsoon has already installed multiple FS1521M systems at manufacturing customers in China, showcasing the successful adoption of this innovative technology. At the event, visitors can see the FS1521M-U system with a circular cartridge on display at the Farsoon booth in Hall 4.1, Booth K15.

This exciting development from Farsoon Technologies is set to make a major impact on the metal additive manufacturing industry. Its impressive build volume, advanced laser scanning strategies, and efficient powder handling system make it a game-changer for large-scale production. We look forward to seeing the impact of the FS1521M in various industries and the continued innovation from Farsoon Technologies.

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