The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force has now adopted metal cold spray 3D printing thanks to SPEE3D.

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The Japan Ministry of Defense has recently signed a contract with SPEE3D to acquire their WarpSPEE3D and XSPEE3D printers for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF). This agreement marks a significant milestone in expanding 3D printing capabilities within Japan.

SPEE3D’s WarpSPEE3D printer is known for being the world’s first large-format metal 3D printer. It offers faster, more cost-effective, and scalable production compared to traditional manufacturing methods. On the other hand, the XSPEE3D printer is specifically designed for defense purposes. It is a ruggedized, deployable metal 3D printing system contained in a portable container.

Both printers utilize SPEE3D’s patented cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM) technology. This technology allows for the rapid production of parts on demand in critical situations. It ensures that defense forces can quickly obtain parts made from well-known metal alloys, addressing real-time needs in the field.

By partnering with SPEE3D, Japan’s defense forces gain the capability to produce parts in record time and at the point of need. This is crucial for addressing supply chain issues and providing immediate solutions in critical situations. The JGSDF will receive training, support, and maintenance for both printers, including in-the-field exercise programs with the XSPEE3D.

Byron Kennedy, the CEO of SPEE3D, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to expand their presence in Japan and the APAC region. He also emphasized the importance of collaborating with the Japanese military to help solve their supply chain challenges through the use of the XSPEE3D printer.

The acquisition of these printers represents a significant step forward in the integration of additive manufacturing technology within the defense sector. It enables defense forces to have greater autonomy in producing parts and addressing their pressing needs, all while maintaining a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

This partnership between SPEE3D and the Japan Ministry of Defense highlights the growing importance of additive manufacturing in the defense industry. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more collaborations like this that harness the benefits of 3D printing for military applications.

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