Farsoon and BLT have revealed 16- and 20-laser metal 3D printers at the Laser Wars event.

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superior laser technology goes beyond simply increasing the number of lasers. It also involves developing advanced calibration algorithms and innovative gas flow designs, among other features, to ensure optimal performance and quality.

Farsoon Technologies, one of the leading players in the additive manufacturing industry, showcased its next-generation FS1521M metal AM system at the TCT Asia event. This innovative platform boasts 16 fiber lasers that offer precise control over each laser’s operation and overlap. This level of control guarantees uniform mechanical properties throughout the build area, enabling optimal quality, efficiency, or a balanced performance based on specific manufacturing needs.

Additionally, the FS1521M system features an extra-large build volume, making it ideal for industries like automotive, aerospace, and energy that frequently require large-format industrial parts. With a diameter of approximately 1.5 meters and an extended Z-height of 1650mm, the FS1521M can accommodate the production of components for oil & gas and aerospace applications.

The FS1521M’s gas flow design and parallel permanent filtration systems ensure stable, real-time particle removal, contributing to enhanced operational safety. The closed-loop, contact-less powder handling system streamlines powder management, making it a comprehensive solution for today’s additive manufacturing challenges.

Another major player in the Chinese additive manufacturing industry, Bright Laser Technologies (BLT), introduced its BLT-S800 machine with an upgraded optical configuration. This machine features 20-laser high-efficiency printing technology, enabling users to dramatically increase production efficiency and optimize output.

With a build dimension of 800mmx800mx600mm, the BLT-S800 is designed for large-scale batch production of industrial parts like turbine blades, engine casings, and aircraft brackets. BLT’s technology is already in a league of its own, as the company is the only qualified supplier in Asia for manufacturing Airbus flying parts. The introduction of the 20-laser high-efficiency BLT-S800 further reinforces BLT’s position as a technological leader in the industry.

The competition to integrate more lasers into metal AM systems, such as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) machines, is driven by the quest for speed and efficiency. Multiple lasers significantly expedite the sintering process, making these machines attractive for industries requiring large volumes or specialized components like aerospace and automotive.

Both Farsoon Technologies and BLT have also been named partners to Apple for the production of titanium cases for the Apple Watch Ultra. This partnership further highlights the industry’s recognition of the capabilities and quality of these companies’ additive manufacturing technology.

In conclusion, the laser wars in the additive manufacturing industry are paving the way for groundbreaking innovations that aim to optimize speed, efficiency, and capabilities. Farsoon Technologies and BLT have showcased their cutting-edge technology at the TCT Asia event, demonstrating their commitment to pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing. With their advanced laser systems, these companies are poised to meet the growing demand for large-format industrial parts and specialized components in industries like aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

Embracing the Power of More Lasers in Metal 3D Printing

Advancements in any technology often come with their fair share of challenges. This holds true for the metal 3D printing industry as well. The idea of incorporating multiple lasers into the printing process may seem appealing and promising, but it also brings forth certain complications. It demands innovation in hardware and advancements in software and control systems. However, companies like Farsoon and BLT are not only increasing the laser count in their machines but also investing in state-of-the-art technologies to effectively manage them. This strategic move by Farsoon and BLT signifies a significant leap in the metal 3D printing sector.

At the recent TCT Asia 2023 event, Farsoon introduced its groundbreaking FS1521M series, set to revolutionize large-format metal printing with its multi-laser technology and massive build volume. This innovation opens up new possibilities for manufacturers, allowing them to create larger and more intricate metal parts. The sheer scale of this new offering is sure to grab the attention of industry leaders and enthusiasts alike.

BLT, on the other hand, unveiled its game-changing BLT-S800 machine at the same event. This powerful system aims to redefine the boundaries of productivity and efficiency in metal 3D printing. With its advanced laser control and management capabilities, the BLT-S800 promises to streamline the production process and increase output in a way never seen before. This announcement marks BLT’s commitment to pushing the limits in the industry.

As the industry continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to witness how these new systems are integrated into production lines and the opportunities they unlock. With the introduction of more lasers, manufacturers will have the ability to tackle complex designs with greater precision and efficiency. These advancements can lead to reduced lead times, improved product quality, and enhanced customization options.

Staying up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the 3D printing industry is crucial for anyone involved in this rapidly growing field. By keeping informed, professionals can capitalize on new opportunities and stay ahead of their competition. Additionally, receiving information and offers from third-party vendors can provide valuable insights into emerging technologies and solutions.

In conclusion, the incorporation of more lasers in metal 3D printing brings both excitement and challenges. Farsoon and BLT’s ambitious endeavors in this arena signify a significant leap forward for the industry. The FS1521M series and the BLT-S800 are poised to revolutionize large-format metal printing and redefine productivity and efficiency, respectively. Keeping a close eye on these developments will undoubtedly facilitate the exploration of new possibilities in this ever-evolving field. Therefore, staying connected and informed is key for those looking to make the most of these technological advancements.

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