Mighty Buildings receives a $52M investment from Saudi Aramco and BOLD Capital Partners.

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Mighty Buildings, the construction 3D printing company, has recently secured a significant investment that will fuel its expansion plans. In a market crowded with companies exploring the construction 3D printing space, Mighty Buildings stands out with its unique approach. While most companies in this space rely on on-site computer-controlled concrete extrusion, Mighty Buildings takes a different route. Rather than using concrete, they use a proprietary stone and polymer mix to print building sections.

What sets Mighty Buildings apart is that their 3D printing process takes place at a regional factory, rather than on-site. The printed home sections are built at the factory and then transported to the job site via trucks. Once at the site, they are quickly installed using cranes. This approach not only speeds up the installation process but also enables easier shipping of completed units to customers. The proprietary material they use is reported to be 5 times stronger than concrete and 30% lighter in weight.

However, there is a limitation to this approach. The cost of shipping increases as the distance between the factory and the job site grows. Therefore, Mighty Buildings’ market is primarily limited to regions where their factories are located.

But the recent news of a massive $52 million investment from Saudi Aramco and BOLD Capital Partners could change everything for Mighty Buildings. The involvement of Saudi Aramco, a major petroleum company, might be an indication of their interest in supporting a potential large user of petroleum products in the future. With this injection of funds, Mighty Buildings plans to accelerate development and scale production of new homes for the growing U.S. market. Additionally, they aim to establish manufacturing operations in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, two of the largest and fastest-growing construction markets in the world.

This expansion into the Middle East aligns with Mighty Buildings’ global strategy to transform the housing construction industry while addressing sustainability, climate resilience, and the global housing shortage. They currently have factories in California and Monterrey, Mexico, serving the USA. The Monterrey factory was established after a previous funding round, suggesting a strategy of establishing new factories in different regions as investment allows.

As Mighty Buildings continues to build homes using their innovative 3D printing technology, we can expect further rounds of investment if their approach proves profitable. Their vision is to have factories placed in every region, catering to the global demand for sustainable and efficient housing construction.

With this recent investment, Mighty Buildings is poised for significant growth and influence in the construction 3D printing industry. The partnership with Saudi Aramco and the expansion into the Middle East signal a promising future for this unique company.

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