$5M has been secured by Kind Designs in order to innovate against rising seas by using 3D printed seawalls.

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Title: Unlocking Hope for Our Oceans: GOVO Venture Partners Invests in Climate-Tech Startup Kind Designs


In the face of mounting environmental crises, there is a glimmer of hope emerging from the startup ecosystem. GOVO Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm, has joined forces with M4 Investing and the Florida Opportunity Fund to co-lead a $5 million seed investment in Kind Designs, a Miami-based climate-tech startup. With the magnitude of the coral reef devastation and the impending threat of species extinction, urgent solutions are needed now more than ever. Kind Designs aims to provide just that through their innovative Living Seawalls, mimicking natural coral reefs and mangroves to combat the challenges of rising sea levels and deteriorating ecosystems.

Revolutionizing Seawalls:

Located in southwest Miami-Dade County, Kind Designs is leveraging cutting-edge technology, including an ABB industrial robotic arm, to 3D print artificial reefs that serve as Living Seawalls. These seawalls are not ordinary barriers; they act as vital ecological pillars, fostering biodiversity and improving water quality. Outfitted with water-quality sensors and created using recycled ocean plastic fibers, these interactive installations contribute actively to the well-being of marine ecosystems. Each Living Seawall joins a global network that collects essential water data, transforming static defense systems into intelligent, dynamic shields against environmental challenges. Moreover, these cost-effective and eco-friendly seawalls provide superior protection to vulnerable coastlines, making them a step up from traditional options.

The Urgent Need for Change:

Coral reefs, the backbone of marine ecosystems, offer environmental benefits and protect coastal regions. However, the combination of climate change-induced bleaching, ocean acidification, pollution, overfishing, and destructive human activities pose a multi-pronged threat to these invaluable ecosystems. Disturbingly, nearly half of the world’s coral reefs have already suffered severe impacts, and projections indicate that almost all could be at risk by 2050 if current trends persist. In this alarming scenario, the innovative solutions proposed by Kind Designs become vital in preserving these delicate ecosystems. Not only do they shield coastal communities from rising sea levels, but they also strive to replicate the biodiversity-hosting capabilities of natural coral reefs.

Kind Designs’ Vision:

Anya Freeman, the Founder and CEO of Kind Designs, a former lawyer turned climate-tech entrepreneur, envisions her startup becoming a unicorn company while simultaneously addressing the pressing climate crisis. Freeman expressed her excitement about partnering with GOVO, highlighting the firm’s deep roots in the community and their expertise in navigating government processes. She envisions expanding beyond their home state of Florida to protect coastal cities worldwide with Kind’s Living Seawalls.

Synergy and Expertise:

The collaboration between Kind Designs and GOVO Venture Partners goes beyond financial support. GOVO, specializing in startups collaborating with government agencies, brings valuable regulatory expertise to the table. In addition to their capital investment, GOVO aims to leverage their experience in local and state government to help navigate zoning and regulatory challenges. Rob Panepinto, GOVO’s managing partner and Kind Designs’ newest board member, noted that government agencies worldwide are seeking ecologically responsible sea wall policies and guidance to address rising sea levels. Kind Designs, with its proprietary and innovative technology, is well-positioned to set the standard and solve this global problem. The partnership between GOVO and Kind Designs aims to establish the startup as the market leader in this space.


As the world faces unprecedented environmental challenges, it is heartening to see progressive investment in innovative climate-tech startups like Kind Designs. Their mission to protect coastal communities and preserve marine biodiversity through Living Seawalls offers a glimmer of hope against the backdrop of ecological devastation. By working alongside visionary investors like GOVO Venture Partners, Kind Designs has the potential to revolutionize sea wall solutions and become a driving force in our fight against climate change. As we collectively strive for a sustainable future, the preservation of our oceans and marine ecosystems must remain at the forefront of our efforts.

Title: An Oasis Beneath the Waves: Seawalls Inspired by Nature


In our rapidly changing world, the need for innovative solutions to protect our coastlines from the threat of rising sea levels has become more urgent than ever. The story of Kind Designs is a shining example of how entrepreneurship and environmentalism can come together to create a sustainable and resilient future. Through groundbreaking 3D printing technology, they have developed seawalls that mimic the beauty and resilience of natural coral reefs. This blog post will take you on a journey through their inspirational story and the impact they are making.

A Trailblazing Agent of Change:

Anya Freeman, the visionary behind Kind Designs, has been recognized as a trailblazing Agent of Change. Her passion for the environment and determination to bridge the gender investment gap led her to found Ankh Impact Ventures, an investment firm that champions diversity and social impact. With their support, Kind Designs became fully operational, unlocking the potential for their revolutionary seawall solutions.

Corporate Support for Social Impact:

Pierre Rolin, the founder of Ankh Impact Ventures, fully embraces the mission of environmental sustainability. Recognizing the pressing need to address the gender investment gap, he expressed his admiration for Anya Freeman’s trailblazing work. Through their partnership, the company secured a $40,000 grant from the non-profit Florida Venture Forum, further cementing their commitment to creating social impact beyond just business opportunities.

Scaling Solutions for a Resilient Future:

The recent investment received by Kind Designs is more than just a financial boost. It provides the company with the necessary resources to scale their innovative seawall solutions. By aligning with partners who share their commitment to regulatory and social impact, Kind Designs is poised to make a significant difference in protecting coastal communities from the increasing threat of rising sea levels.

A Crucial Step Towards Sustainability:

The partnership between Kind Designs and their investors represents a crucial step towards a sustainable and resilient future. As sea levels continue to rise, coastal communities face existential threats. By incorporating nature-inspired solutions into their seawalls, Kind Designs not only provides protection but also creates habitat for marine life. This synergy between human needs and environmental conservation is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration.

Staying Informed and Connected:

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Kind Designs is rewriting the narrative of coastal protection by combining the power of entrepreneurship, innovation, and environmentalism. Their seawalls, inspired by the beauty and resilience of natural coral reefs, not only provide crucial protection for coastal communities but also contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems. Through partnerships with organizations like Ankh Impact Ventures, Kind Designs is scaling their solutions and making a tangible impact on the path towards a sustainable and resilient future. Let us all join hands in supporting such initiatives and be part of the change we wish to see in the world.

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