Headmade Materials ColdMetalFusion introduces Nexa3D to the metal 3D printing market.

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Nexa3D, a pioneer in the world of ultrafast polymer 3D printing, is taking a bold step into the metal additive manufacturing domain. The company has partnered with Headmade Materials to integrate their unique feedstock technology with Nexa3D’s fast-cycle QLS SLS 3D printers. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for enhanced metal part production, promising unprecedented efficiency and precision.

The strategic partnership between Nexa3D and Headmade Materials is a testament to the former’s expertise in 3D printing and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the industry. By leveraging Headmade Materials’ ColdMetalFusion technology, Nexa3D’s customers can now harness the merits of this ecosystem, which emphasizes speed, repeatability, and precision.

Christian Fischer, Co-CEO of Headmade Materials, commends Nexa3D’s capabilities and recognizes the immense potential in this collaboration. The partnership aims to provide customers with a holistic suite of services, tools, materials, and insights, making Nexa3D a valuable addition to the metal additive sector.

Nexa3D’s QLS series is touted as the most flexible industrial SLS platform for polymer and metal parts production. Customer MIMplus Technologies, a German manufacturer, attests to the success of this technology, as they have achieved significant production savings by using the QLS 230 and ColdMetalFusion in crafting industrial tools.

John Calhoun, Nexa3D’s Head of SLS Business Development, is excited about the partnership and believes that ColdMetalFusion has the potential to set new benchmarks in metal component manufacturing. He sees it as a game-changer that provides customers with best-in-class production economics.

This partnership not only marks an outstanding innovation in the 3D printing industry but also showcases Nexa3D’s commitment to additive production excellence. The company’s presence at Formnext in November will undoubtedly be an opportunity to witness their advancements firsthand.

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