Nexa3D forms a partnership with Headmade Materials to introduce ColdMetalFusion, integrating metal 3D printing capabilities.

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Nexa3D, a leading provider of 3D printers, has recently made a significant breakthrough in the field of metal additive manufacturing. The company has partnered with Headmade Materials to introduce ColdMetalFusion, a revolutionary sinter-based 3D printing process that combines the benefits of polymer laser sintering with established power metallurgy processes.

This partnership allows Nexa3D customers to utilize the QLS 230, QLS 236, and QLS 820 SLS 3D printers to produce production metal components. With ColdMetalFusion technology, these printers can achieve high-speed and high-throughput capabilities, making it an attractive option for manufacturers in the metal manufacturing industry.

“We are impressed by the speed and throughput capabilities of Nexa3D technology and couldn’t be more excited to partner with them to expand access and adoption of ColdMetalFusion technology,” said Christian Fischer, Co-CEO of Headmade Materials.

By collaborating with Headmade, Nexa3D not only gains access to the extensive experience and expertise in sintering and traditional industrial manufacturing but also offers a comprehensive ecosystem of services, equipment, materials, software, and know-how to its customers.

The QLS series of 3D printers, powered by a single 30-watt CO2 laser, can achieve a 24-hour cycle speed. The QLS 230, in particular, is capable of producing metal parts with reliable metal injection molding-like properties. MIMplus Technologies, a company that specializes in industrial cutting tools, has already experienced significant production savings by utilizing the QLS 230 and ColdMetalFusion technology.

John Calhoun, Head of SLS Business Development at Nexa3D, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Headmade and the benefits it brings to their customers. “We believe ColdMetalFusion provides our customers with best-in-class production economics for manufacturing metal components,” he said.

This breakthrough in 3D printing technology opens up new possibilities for manufacturers, allowing them to achieve cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced flexibility in producing metal components. Nexa3D’s commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships like the one with Headmade Materials solidifies their position as a frontrunner in the additive manufacturing industry.

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