Producing Atomized Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing is the objective of MIMETE.

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Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by offering new possibilities for product design and production. One company that has embraced this technology is MIMETE, a young Italian company specializing in the production of atomized metal powders in iron, nickel, and cobalt alloys.

MIMETE was founded in 2017, driven by the innovative mindset of its management team and the expertise of the FOMAS Group’s R&D team. The FOMAS Group, with over 60 years of experience in material processing, saw the potential of additive manufacturing and realized that metal powder production was a crucial part of the supply chain.

The decision to focus on the production of metal powders for 3D printing was driven by market demands and the advantages offered by this technology. Many industries were starting to look at additive manufacturing as a viable option for producing components with desirable characteristics such as light weight, complex geometries, and customizable designs.

To meet the needs of their customers, MIMETE carefully analyzes the requirements of each project and determines whether to provide in-stock powders or customized products. The raw material used for powder production undergoes thorough quality control and is atomized using a Vacuum Inert Gas Atomizer (VIGA) capable of processing both Argon and Nitrogen. MIMETE also utilizes both “virgin” and “recovered” material, promoting a sustainable approach by reusing surplus material from internal processes.

The atomized powder is then sieved and carefully blended to ensure a high-quality and homogenous final product. MIMETE’s in-house laboratory, certified to ISO 17025, plays a crucial role in performing chemical and physical analyses throughout the production process.

By combining their agile and research-driven approach with the experience and reliability of the FOMAS Group, MIMETE aims to be a leading supplier of metal powders in Italy and abroad. They recognize the importance of additive manufacturing in various industries and strive to provide high-quality powders that meet the specific requirements of each customer.

In conclusion, MIMETE’s focus on the production of atomized metal powders for additive manufacturing showcases their commitment to embracing technological advancements and providing innovative solutions for their customers. With their expertise and sustainable approach, they are well-positioned to become a key player in the growing market of 3D printing.

The importance of maintaining high-quality standards in the production of physical properties cannot be overstated. At MIMETE, we understand the significance of this and ensure that all the necessary procedures are followed to achieve the desired outcome. One crucial aspect of quality control is the implementation of essential cleaning operations to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

After the powder has successfully passed our stringent internal controls and obtained the certificate of analysis, it is carefully bottled using a semi-automatic dosing machine in an inert environment. This careful packaging ensures that the product is ready to be delivered to our customers without any damage or compromise in quality. Moisture is a significant external factor that can irreparably damage the metallic powder, making the stringency of this final step even more critical.

Our powders are designed to meet the strict requirements of various applications, such as additive technologies (PBF, DED, binder jetting), HIP, and MIM. The versatility of our powders allows us to produce a range of products that meet the specific requirements of each application. Particle Size Distribution (PSD) is a crucial factor in these applications, and we take pride in our ability to produce powders with the required PSD sizes.

We cater to a wide range of industries, including energy, oil and gas, industrial, biomedical, and aerospace. These sectors can benefit greatly from additive manufacturing, which is steadily gaining popularity due to its numerous advantages. 3D printing facilitates faster design processes, lower material consumption, and the mitigation of supply chain-related risks. It also improves logistics in product distribution and reduces environmental impact. In the near future, we anticipate a significant increase in the use of additive manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace, energy, and medical sectors. These industries stand to gain from cost optimization and performance improvement through additive manufacturing, alongside traditional manufacturing methods.

To keep up with the market demand and our commitment to quality, we continuously invest in the development of our technological process. Last year, we installed a second mechanical screening line, reducing powder sieving time. Additionally, we plan to expand both our office and production spaces. This expansion will allow us to install a new air classifier capable of classifying powder by size, further enhancing our processing efficiency.

Although MIMETE is a relatively young company, having been in operation for six years, we are steadily making a name for ourselves through our investments and commitment to the additive manufacturing market. The recent joint venture, MadeInAdd, with CDP Venture Capital and Punch Torino, demonstrates our dedication to integrating additive technology into the Italian production system. MadeInAdd aims to bridge the gap in Italy’s utilization of additive technology compared to other countries by implementing a new digital model for designing 3D printed components for companies. We are excited about this partnership and the goal it seeks to achieve.

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