Why You Should Be More Concerned About Federal Policy If You’re Working With 3D Printing

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Additive Manufacturing Coalition and America Makes are joining forces to advocate for policy updates that recognize the significance of additive manufacturing in aerospace and defense. As additive manufacturing continues to advance, engineers must stay informed about the latest developments in the field. This involves staying up-to-date with technical knowledge, training programs, and other workforce trends. Engineers play a vital role in the industry, and without their expertise, progress would not be possible. While it is crucial for engineers to focus on design considerations and other technical aspects of additive manufacturing, they should also pay attention to policy issues. National policies are shaped by various organizations, and many countries are now establishing organizations to promote and invest in additive manufacturing at a nationwide level. America Makes, a public-private consortium in the US, is one such organization. Founded a decade ago, its mission is to enhance America’s position in advanced manufacturing by promoting the adoption of additive manufacturing and improving national competitiveness. Every year, America Makes holds the Members Meeting and Exchange (MMX), where members gather to exchange ideas and information. The recent MMX event, held in Canfield, Ohio, included the participation of the Additive Manufacturing Coalition (AMC). The AMC, a national membership organization, is recognized as the voice for additive manufacturing with decision-makers and stakeholders, including federal agencies and Congress. The AMC aims to connect its members directly with policymakers at the federal level. Last year, during the MMX event in 2022, America Makes and the AMC announced a collaborative partnership. The goal of this partnership was to coordinate information and outreach activities to policy makers, with a focus on advancing the additive manufacturing industry. While both organizations continue their individual efforts, the partnership ensures that they work together to promote the adoption of additive manufacturing in both commercial and governmental sectors. To read the full story, visit ENGINEERING.com. Share this post:

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