Interfacial Consultants LLC, a NAGASE Group Company, has acquired M. Holland Company’s 3D Printing Group.

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One Powerful Acquisition: M. Holland Company’s 3D Printing Group Joins Forces with Interfacial Consultants LLC

In a groundbreaking move, M. Holland Company, a renowned international distributor of thermoplastic resins and ancillary materials, has announced that Interfacial Consultants LLC, a leading material science-based products and services company, will be acquiring M. Holland’s 3D Printing group. This acquisition is set to revolutionize the industrial market by combining the strengths of two additive manufacturing powerhouses.

Interfacial, a NAGASE Group company, is known for its expertise in advanced materials and manufacturing process solutions. The acquisition will allow Interfacial to leverage M. Holland’s deep knowledge of industrial markets and combine it with their cutting-edge additive manufacturing technology. This partnership is set to deliver global 3D printing solutions that will reshape the industry.

M. Holland’s 3D Printing group specializes in integrated additive manufacturing technologies for injection molding applications and beyond. With a team of dedicated engineers and specialists, they provide a range of services, including prototype development, parts and mold production, contract manufacturing, training, and ongoing consultation. Their consultative business development model has been highly successful in driving 3D printing adoption.

Jeff Cernohous, the Chief Operating Officer at Interfacial, praised M. Holland’s team and their business development model, stating that “M. Holland has assembled a strong team and a successful consultative business development model to drive 3D printing adoption.” He believes that this acquisition will accelerate their efforts to help industrial end-users adopt 3D printing on a large scale, thanks to M. Holland’s extensive customer base.

Under the terms of the agreement, Interfacial, which was acquired by NAGASE in 2020, will take over the assets of M. Holland’s 3D Printing group. Once the transaction closes on September 29, 2023, Interfacial will not only service M. Holland’s existing 3D printing customers but also provide additive manufacturing solutions to industrial markets through a comprehensive range of services, from concept to commercialization.

Carlos Aponte, who has served as M. Holland’s market manager of 3D Printing for the last year, expressed excitement about the future collaboration, stating, “We’re excited to build upon M. Holland’s expertise in developing 3D printing applications across various markets with Interfacial’s development services, specialty materials, and engineered substrates.” Aponte and his sales and technical team will make the move to Interfacial along with M. Holland’s 3D Printing group, ensuring a seamless transition for customers and partners.

Peter Prusak, the Director of Business Development at M. Holland, shared his enthusiasm, stating that “With this acquisition, M. Holland can connect our customers with Interfacial for all 3D printing needs.” He believes that M. Holland’s broad customer base will greatly benefit from Interfacial’s additive manufacturing solutions, along with their cutting-edge technology and resources.

Interfacial’s focus is on the development and commercialization of technology platforms for advanced materials and manufacturing processes. They cater to industries such as plastics, building and construction, electronics, automotive, recycling, and specialty chemicals. Their expertise and industry knowledge make them an ideal partner for M. Holland and their extensive customer base.

This acquisition marks a new chapter for M. Holland and Interfacial as they join forces to reshape the additive manufacturing industry. With their combined expertise and resources, they are set to deliver groundbreaking 3D printing solutions on a global scale. This partnership promises to revolutionize industrial markets and drive the adoption of 3D printing in various sectors.

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Title: Unveiling the Dynamic Domains of M. Holland: Navigating Through the Intersections of Innovation

Have you ever pondered over the intricacies of various industries and their interconnections? It is fascinating to witness the dynamics that unfold when diverse sectors converge, creating a ecosystem of innovation and growth. One such remarkable player in this arena is M. Holland Company.

M. Holland Company, an industry leader, thrives at the crossroads of (B&C), electronics, automotive, recycling, and specialty chemicals markets, steering a path towards a future brimming with possibilities. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, M. Holland has proven to be a catalyst in reshaping these industries.

Let’s embark on a journey through the realms of M. Holland, where ingenuity and evolution coalesce. And while the story and logic remain the same, we’ll delve into a different perspective, offering a fresh take on this intricate tapestry.

###(B&C) – Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Innovation

(B&C), known as “Building & Construction”, transcends mere brick and mortar. It symbolizes a blending of tradition and modernity, where innovation ultimately shapes our living spaces. M. Holland’s foray into this domain, coupled with its unrivaled expertise, has redefined the landscape, breathing new life into the structures we inhabit.

By forging partnerships with leading manufacturers, M. Holland has unlocked a world of possibilities, creating novel materials that revolutionize the (B&C) sector. From innovative building materials to sustainable solutions, M. Holland’s presence in this space is a testament to its commitment to reshaping the future of construction.

###Electronics – Energizing the Technological Leap

In the ever-evolving realm of electronics, the pace of progress is relentless. M. Holland recognizes this opportunity to propel advancements in the field, shaping the future of this vibrant industry. Collaborating with trailblazers in electronic manufacturing, M. Holland has become a driving force, fueling innovation and expanding the boundaries of what is possible.

By providing cutting-edge materials and components, M. Holland empowers electronic manufacturers to create devices that are not only efficient but also sustainable. Through its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, M. Holland has solidified its position as a trusted partner in the electronics industry.

###Automotive – Driving Towards Sustainable Mobility

The automotive industry is increasingly shifting gears towards sustainability, and M. Holland is at the forefront, steering the evolution towards a cleaner and greener future. The company’s expertise in engineering thermoplastics has redefined automotive manufacturing, enabling the production of lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles without compromising on safety or performance.

M. Holland’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond materials. By advocating for the responsible use of resources and promoting recycling initiatives, the company aims to create a circular economy within the automotive sector. Through its dedication to sustainability, M. Holland is driving the industry towards a more eco-conscious and sustainable future.

###Recycling – Transforming Waste into Opportunity

In a world grappling with waste management challenges, M. Holland has embraced recycling as an avenue for transformation. By leveraging its expertise, the company actively promotes recycling initiatives, enabling the conversion of waste materials into valuable resources. Through innovation and collaboration, M. Holland empowers manufacturers to incorporate recycled materials into their production processes, thereby reducing environmental impact.

###Specialty Chemicals – Pioneering the Path to Perfection

Specialty chemicals play a pivotal role in a multitude of industries, often acting as the catalyst for innovation and progress. M. Holland’s extensive portfolio of specialty chemicals serves as the bedrock for countless applications across various sectors. By providing tailor-made solutions and driving research and development, M. Holland enables companies to unlock their full potential.

With each stride into uncharted territories, M. Holland Company propels industries forward, uniting diverse sectors through the common thread of innovation. As the company continues to leave an indelible mark in the (B&C), electronics, automotive, recycling, and specialty chemicals markets, we anticipate a future enriched by their unwavering commitment to excellence.

For more information about M. Holland Company and their profound impact on these industries, visit their website at

Contacts: Sami Sauerman, Director, INK Communications (for M. Holland), 715.965.2854


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