Slant 3D’s Solution for Managing Overwhelming Orders on Etsy

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Slant 3D has just announced an exciting new integration with popular online marketplace, Etsy. This news is particularly exciting for makers who use 3D printers to produce their products. Traditionally, makers would design their 3D printable products and then operate their own 3D printers to fulfill orders. However, if an unexpected surge in orders occurred, it could become difficult for the maker to keep up with production demands. This is where Slant 3D’s Etsy integration comes in.

Slant 3D, a company that operates a massive 3D print farm with over 1,000 3D printers, has developed an API that allows direct access to their print farm. While this API is not yet available to the public, it holds immense potential for various applications that could make use of a large-scale print farm. The first application that Slant 3D has created using this API is an Etsy integration app.

The app is designed to be user-friendly, allowing Etsy makers to create an account and link their Etsy store to it. Once linked, makers can associate specific Etsy products with specific STL files, which represent the products. The integration works by triggering the Slant 3D print farm to print the associated STL file when an order is placed on Etsy. Once printed, the model is carefully packaged and shipped to the customer, no matter where they are located.

While this Etsy integration is still in its early stages, there are a few limitations to consider. Currently, Slant 3D is offering a limited color selection of black, white, and gray, which are the most popular colors. Although they plan to expand the color options in the future, it is expected that the service will primarily be used for parts with mechanical functions initially. Additionally, the slicing parameters are currently limited to a maximum of 25% infill and 0.2mm layer heights. These limitations are necessary as Slant 3D explores how customers will use the system and plans for future expansions accordingly.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first Etsy integration we have seen. 3DQue has also developed a solution to link 3D print farms with Etsy products. However, the main difference between 3DQue’s solution and Slant 3D’s integration is that 3DQue’s solution requires you to have your own print farm, whereas Slant 3D’s service is aimed at those who don’t.

Overall, this new Etsy integration from Slant 3D is excellent news for designers of 3D printed products on Etsy. With the ability to tap into Slant 3D’s massive print farm, makers can confidently handle sudden bursts of orders without the fear of not being able to fulfill them. It’s an exciting development for the 3D printing community and a promising step towards greater accessibility and efficiency in the industry.

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