Voxeljet, a 3D printing company, is currently assessing strategic alternatives. What lies ahead for the company?

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voxeljet recently announced that they will be undergoing a “Review of Strategic Alternatives”, a rather foreboding headline that leaves many wondering what it actually means for the company. voxeljet is known for their large-scale 3D printers, specifically designed for metal casting. These printers utilize a binder jet process to create sand, plastic, or ceramic molds, and their VX series is particularly adept at quickly printing sand molds used in casting. Additionally, their VX4000 is one of the largest 3D printers in the world, with an impressive build volume of 4000 x 2000 x 1000 mm. More recently, voxeljet introduced the HSS process, a unique and fast method for producing large plastic objects from powder.

However, despite their innovative technology, voxeljet has struggled to find financial success. In fact, they have consistently ranked near the bottom of our weekly 3D print company leaderboard. A look at their stock price over the past decade only confirms this issue, as it shows a decline that they have been unable to recover from, much like many other 3D printer manufacturers. This chart, displaying their progress over the past year, clearly demonstrates a steady downward trend.

This recent announcement of a strategic review indicates that the company’s management has come to a crucial decision: they must explore alternative options for the company’s future. Seeking external professional consultants, voxeljet hopes to evaluate a wide range of possibilities, including but not limited to investments, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and other transactions. Essentially, they are open to merging with another company, being acquired, selling assets, or any other avenue that may lead them towards a different and more successful future.

It is worth noting that voxeljet has emphasized that they have no set timetable for this process, suggesting that they will take as long as necessary to explore all options thoroughly. Additionally, they have made it clear that they will not be providing any updates or comments until after the process has been completed.

While this situation may appear concerning for voxeljet, it is also a positive sign that the company recognizes the need for change and is willing to try something new. In a surprising turn of events, voxeljet has remained on the sidelines while numerous other companies in the 3D printing industry have been acquired or merged. It is possible that a larger entity may see voxeljet, or their assets, as a valuable addition to their existing product line and make a move. However, it is also possible that no such opportunity presents itself, leaving voxeljet in a challenging position.

Considering the recent surge in mergers and acquisitions within the 3D printing space, it is likely that if there was substantial value to be gained from voxeljet, a company would have already taken action. Nonetheless, voxeljet remains hopeful that there is a path forward for them, and their determination to explore all possibilities may ultimately lead to a positive outcome.

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