EVAP and Assembrix have joined forces to enhance the AM ecosystem in the UAE.

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EVAP Investment LLC and Assembrix Ltd have joined forces in a strategic partnership that is set to revolutionize the United Arab Emirates’ additive manufacturing (AM) sector. Bringing together EVAP’s expertise in business development advisory and Assembrix’s innovative 3D printing software solutions, this collaboration aims to establish the UAE as a global hub for AM by connecting multinational companies to the local manufacturing ecosystem.

The partnership is sealed with a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), outlining the shared vision to develop the AM sector and promote the production of 3D printed components in industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Defense. To achieve this, the collaboration will leverage Assembrix’s Virtual Manufacturing Space (VMS) platform, which allows for remote control of AM processes. Notably, the VMS has already formed partnerships with leading AM industry players worldwide.

By integrating the VMS with the UAE’s local smart factories, this partnership aims to not only boost the revenue generated within the country but also create new employment opportunities and foster advanced manufacturing expertise in the region. The Managing Director of EVAP Investment LLC, Kim Schofield, stressed that the main objective of this alliance is to connect stakeholders, share technology and know-how, and ensure data protection within the AM landscape of the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

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