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GEMCO, an established powder processing firm with a rich history spanning over a century, has recently joined the Metal Additive Manufacturing Powder Consortium, an initiative by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). This move marks a significant step towards standardizing protocols for additive manufacturing (AM) powders, aiming to enhance their reliability across various applications and sectors.

GEMCO’s expertise in metal powder blending, reclamation, gas purging, and coating has secured its place in the consortium. These critical factors play a pivotal role in the manufacture of AM powder feedstock. By collaborating with NIST and other consortium members, GEMCO is poised to bring tangible benefits to the AM industry.

One of the most pressing issues in the AM industry today is the lack of standardized protocols for the quality and consistency of input materials, particularly metal powders. This is where GEMCO’s extensive experience in powder processing becomes invaluable. Their proficiency in gas purging and coating techniques will enable them to establish guidelines that can effectively mitigate material defects. As a result, the overall efficiency and reliability of metal 3D printing processes will improve significantly.

GEMCO’s collaboration with NIST is not limited to sharing their expertise. They also seek to learn from and collaborate with other consortium members, creating a collective endeavor to develop and implement best practices. This collaborative approach is crucial for ensuring that AM becomes a more reliable and widely-adopted manufacturing methodology.

By improving material standards, the consortium aims to facilitate a seamless transition of AM technologies into mainstream manufacturing. The partnership between GEMCO and NIST is expected to expedite the standardization of metal AM powders, effectively addressing critical bottlenecks in additive manufacturing. As the industry continues to mature, such collaborations are likely to become more prevalent, resulting in increased interoperability and scalability of AM technologies.

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