Xact Metal’s presence expands globally as they launch in Japan.

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Xact Metal, the well-known metal 3D printer manufacturer, has recently made an exciting move by launching in Japan. This expansion has been made possible through a partnership with System Create Co, a leading sales and service organization in Japan. Xact Metal stated that System Create Co provides top-level manufacturing solutions, including 3D printers and scanners from renowned brands, as well as traditional manufacturing products and software systems. With their extensive 30 years of experience in handling 3D printers, the knowledgeable team at System Create Co will be able to offer outstanding technical support and maintenance for Xact Metal printers.

This strategic collaboration is a significant step forward for Xact Metal, an company that has experienced remarkable growth since its early days. I remember first encountering them at a RAPID event a few years ago, where they were a small startup company with a radical idea – to make LPBF metal 3D printing more affordable. At that time, the cost of LPBF systems and associated hardware and facilities was prohibitively high, preventing many potential applications from exploring this technology. Unfortunately, this still holds true for many today.

However, Xact Metal’s innovative design managed to incorporate LPBF functionality into a smaller and more affordable package. Over time, the company has made adjustments to their products to find the perfect fit for the market, and it seems they have achieved that with their XM300 series. With a highly desirable product on their hands, Xact Metal has been busy expanding their sales and distribution network. Initially, it appeared that their reach was focused primarily on the US and Europe. However, the recent announcement about their entry into Japan suggests that the company has ambitions for further global growth.

Admittedly, Xact Metal is still relatively smaller compared to the established players in the metal 3D printing industry. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that great things often start small. The launch in Japan signifies Xact Metal’s determination to make metal 3D printing technology more accessible to a wider range of enterprises. Through their partnership with System Create Co, they aim to break down the financial barrier and enable small to medium-sized enterprises in Japan to embrace metal 3D printing fully.

Overall, this development demonstrates Xact Metal’s commitment to innovation and their willingness to make a positive impact on the industry. As they continue to forge their path, it will be fascinating to see how far they can go and what advancements they will bring to the world of metal 3D printing.

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