Those with limited dexterity are assisted by Landor & Fitch’s toothbrushes, which are 3D printed.

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Brushing one’s teeth is an essential part of our daily routine, ingrained in us from a young age. However, for millions of individuals with limited movement and dexterity, this simple task can be painful or even impossible. Conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, tremors, or injuries can hinder their ability to brush effectively. In an effort to address this issue of accessibility, Landor & Fitch, a brand consultancy firm, has introduced a design series of 3D printed toothbrush grips called ‘Accessories’. These grips are custom-made to provide solutions for maneuvering oral hygiene.

The Accessories toothbrush grips are created using a 3D printing process. Customers first answer a questionnaire that helps identify their specific needs in terms of shape and functionality. Questions range from the type of toothbrush used (electric or manual) to the most comfortable shape to hold. Real-world examples are also provided to aid in the selection process. Based on the answers provided, the 3D printer produces a custom-sized and shaped toothbrush grip, even down to the texture and color preferences.

Remarkably, the Accessories platform can generate 142 different design variations, catering to the unique requirements of each customer. The advantage of 3D printing these grips is the low production cost, even with such a high degree of customization. Luc Speisser, Landor & Fitch’s global chief innovation officer, emphasizes the significance of creating an inclusive solution for those living with disabilities. He states, “We cannot continue to unintentionally exclude the one billion people living on this planet who are experiencing some form of disability.”

With accessibility and equity in mind, Landor & Fitch actively involved the target customer base in the design process. Through hands-on workshops, individuals with various limitations in their range of motion were able to test and provide feedback on the prototype parts at every stage. This collaborative approach resulted in the creation of an elegantly designed 3D printed toothbrush that not only offers greater comfort but also has a sleek, modern appearance. Rather than resorting to improvised solutions like rubber bands or duct tape, users can now enjoy the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the Accessories toothbrush grip.

To further explore the product and design your own custom grip, visit the Accessories website. The visible difference in grip shape between a standard toothbrush and an Accessories holder is evident. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Accessories 3D printed toothbrush. Share your opinions in the comments section or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly newsletter to stay updated on the latest 3D printing news delivered straight to your inbox. You can also find all our videos on our YouTube channel.

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