A rotational 3D printer has been developed by a YouTuber, and it is absolutely amazing.

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Title: How a YouTuber Revolutionized 3D Printing with a Budget-friendly Mod


In recent times, the world of 3D printing has witnessed a groundbreaking innovation by Humphrey Wittingtonsworth IV, a popular YouTuber and Software Engineer. By modifying a widely available Creality CR-10 printer, Humphrey has created a rotational 3D printer capable of printing tubular objects on a rotating 8mm rod. This impressive creation has attracted significant attention and has the potential to revolutionize the world of at-home 3D printing.

Unveiling the Modified Rotational Printer:

Humphrey proudly presents his “simple mod” in his YouTube video. The modification involves 3D printed brackets and the addition of ball bearings to support the modified printing surface. This unique design enables the printer to produce a wide range of objects, including springs, screws, discs, gears, and solid rods. The custom 3D printed sheaths for the printing rod function as rafts for the rotational prints, making them easier to remove from the print surface.

Inspiration from Others:

While Humphrey’s creation has garnered significant attention, it’s worth noting that he is not the first person to explore rotational printing. Dutch maker Jonas Duteloff demonstrated a similar concept with the 3D Rotoprinter in 2021. Although Duteloff’s online presence seems defunct, his YouTube channel remains active. Another notable demonstration came from Diabase in 2020, showcasing the functionality of rotational printing on their H-Series printer and CNC mill. Unfortunately, both Diabase’s websites and social media presence have gone quiet since 2022.

Applications and Advantages:

The applications for rotational printing extend beyond mere hobbyist projects. Medical researchers have published a paper in 2020 highlighting the use of rotational printing for creating tubular implants. Desktop Health has even released a rotational variation of its bioprinter this year. The significance of Humphrey’s printer lies in its accessibility. While the Diabase H-Series and Roland EGX-360 rotary gift engraver retail for thousands of dollars, Humphrey’s modification is achievable with a widely available, affordable home printer. This paves the way for a wider community of makers to incorporate rotational printing into their projects, eliminating the need for high-priced specialized equipment.

Humphrey’s Impact and Future:

Humphrey acknowledges that his software might not be ready for widespread release, but he believes other engineers can easily replicate his work. While there is strong interest in his code from YouTube viewers, encouraging him to share it, Humphrey is also eager to showcase more features of his modified printer. With hope, this innovation will not fade away like previous efforts.


The fusion of technology and creativity has allowed Humphrey Wittingtonsworth IV to accomplish something exceptional in the world of 3D printing. His modified rotational printer, built on a widely available and affordable platform, has the potential to empower a broader community of makers and revolutionize the possibilities of at-home 3D printing. As we eagerly await further updates from Humphrey, let us stay informed about the latest developments in the 3D printing industry and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

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