Impressive funding round completed by Seurat Technologies.

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Seurat Technologies has recently secured a significant amount of funding from a group of interesting investors. Seurat is a rapidly expanding company that has created a unique metal 3D printing process called “Area Printing”. This method differs slightly from the traditional laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) setup. In a standard LPBF 3D printer, lasers are used to selectively fuse metal powder, layer by layer, to create a solid object. However, this process is rather slow, and adding more lasers to speed up production can be expensive.

Seurat’s Area Printing solves this issue by using a single powerful laser beam that is split into an “area” of approximately 100mm square. This area is moved across the print surface, quickly sintering the powder and speeding up the printing process. The company has an impressive number of patents related to this technology, with 275 granted and in process. They believe that they can scale up their system to print 1700kg of material per hour, a truly industrial-scale process that could revolutionize metal production.

One of the most compelling aspects of Seurat’s technology is that it is powered entirely by green energy, unlike traditional metal production methods. CEO James DeMuth explains that their mission is to create a green manufacturing industry and provide customers with clean manufacturing alternatives that can compete with traditional methods in terms of volumes, quality, and price points. The company has received overwhelming interest from customers, with their pilot factory near Boston already oversubscribed and letters of intent from six customers for business worth US$750M over the next few years.

It’s no wonder that investors are highly interested in Seurat. So far, the company has raised a substantial amount of US$74M in funding to further develop their system. In their most recent funding round, they have secured an even larger amount of US$99M. This influx of cash will undoubtedly enable the company to expand its production capacity and take on more clients.

Additionally, the investors in this round are particularly intriguing. The round was led by NVentures, NVIDIA’s investment arm. Two automotive companies are also involved, indicating their potential interest in utilizing Seurat’s technology for building cars or extensively testing it. Since metal is a critical component in automobiles, 3D printing could enable the creation of lightweight metal components that enhance the efficiency of future electric vehicles.

With this latest investment, Seurat joins a select group of 3D printing companies that have raised substantial amounts of funding. It is a testament to the potential of their technology and its ability to revolutionize the metal production industry. Other companies in this category include Carbon, Desktop Metal, Formlabs, and a few others. Seurat’s future certainly looks promising, and we can expect to see significant advancements in their technology as they continue to grow.

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