Enhancements are made to copper printing for aerospace applications, according to 3DPrinting.com.

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Linde and the Ariane Group have joined forces to revolutionize the world of 3D printing, specifically focused on improving the manufacturing process of copper alloys for rocket combustion chambers. This collaboration is centered around the development and refinement of Linde’s cutting-edge gas mixture, ADDvance Laser230, and their oxygen control system, ADDvance O2 precision.

The challenge with using copper alloys for these aerospace components lies in their highly reflective properties, which hinder efficient laser melting. This reflectivity can lead to potential overheating, making the printing process more complex and less reliable. However, Linde’s ADDvance Laser230 gas mixture addresses this issue by reducing fumes and spatter, thereby optimizing cycle times and reducing costs per part. This breakthrough technology ensures a more reliable and efficient printing process.

Additionally, the ADDvance O2 precision system developed by Linde further enhances the process by maintaining minimal oxygen levels in the print chamber, preventing oxidation and overheating. This enables continuous printing without the need to wait for layers to cool, ultimately reducing production time and costs. Furthermore, the controlled oxygen environment allows for the reuse of non-oxidized powder, resulting in even lower material costs.

Looking ahead, the integration of gas-mixing technologies in aerospace manufacturing holds the potential to significantly improve the production of high-performance components at a reduced cost. This partnership between Linde and the Ariane Group is just the beginning of a transformative journey that could revolutionize the industry’s approach to manufacturing critical engine parts.

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