Ignite offers a large build volume for high-temperature prints, bringing together size and heat.

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miniFactory, a Finnish company known for their professional 3D printers, has recently announced their newest creation, the Ignite. This high-temperature 3D printer builds upon the success of their previous models, such as the Ultra 2, which allowed for reliable printing of exotic engineering materials.

miniFactory has always had a strong focus on quality, and this can be seen in their past innovations. One notable example is their system called “Aarni” which collects sensor data at each layer of a print, allowing for the production of detailed technical reports. These reports can be used for quality control purposes, ensuring that each print job meets the highest standards.

Last year, miniFactory introduced an “optical nozzle aligner” that enables precise setup for dual nozzle systems. This innovative feature sets their printers apart from others on the market and demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology.

With the Ignite, miniFactory has taken all of these previous advancements and bundled them into one powerful machine. This new printer boasts a large build volume of 600 x 400 x 400 mm, allowing for the production of large parts made from high-temperature materials. This is a unique capability, as most high-temperature 3D printers have relatively small build volumes.

Speaking of high temperatures, the Ignite’s extruders can reach a blistering +480C, double the temperature typically used for ABS 3D printers. Additionally, the print surface and chamber can both be heated to +200C. These extreme temperatures, combined with a significantly reduced temperature gradient, enable the printing of a wide range of high-temperature materials.

In fact, miniFactory claims that the Ignite can support virtually any filament due to its wide temperature range. This makes it a versatile tool for those who want to experiment with different materials in their prints.

The Ignite also features a dual extruder system, allowing for the use of two materials in the same print job. This is commonly used for model material and support material, enabling the production of large and complex parts using a variety of materials.

To address the sensitivity of high-temperature materials to humidity, miniFactory has integrated a special storage chamber for filament spools at the bottom of the Ignite. This chamber acts as a drying unit, ensuring that the filament remains dry throughout the entire print job.

Overall, the Ignite is an exciting addition to miniFactory’s lineup of industrial 3D printers. Its large build volume, high-temperature capabilities, and advanced features make it a valuable tool for those in need of large high-temperature parts.

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