“Learn how to obtain a qualification in Additive Manufacturing for the Energy Industry in our upcoming webinar.”

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Are you excited about the opportunity to learn about the certification process for additive-manufactured metallic parts used in the energy, oil & gas, and maritime industries? Well, you’re in luck! Join us on November 27th at 4PM CEST/10AM EDT for an informative and engaging webinar titled “How to Earn an Additive Manufacturing Qualification in the Energy Industry”.

This webinar, hosted by 3Dnatives, will delve into the DNV-ST-B203 standard and the prestigious AM manufacturer certificate received by Aidro for Desktop Metal’s binder jetting technology. We are honored to have not only Aidro and Desktop Metal, but also DNV, an international accredited registrar and classification society, joining us for this event.

Additive manufacturing, or AM, is revolutionizing the manufacturing process across various industries. The energy sector, in particular, has great potential for utilizing this technology. However, in order to fully harness the benefits of AM in the energy industry, stringent qualification processes are necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of critical components.

During this exclusive webinar, you will gain valuable insights and guidance on how to qualify and certify AM-produced parts for application in the energy, oil & gas, and maritime sectors. Aidro, a pioneering manufacturer that has earned DNV’s prestigious AM manufacturer certification, will share their firsthand user experiences, providing inspiration and knowledge.

In addition to learning about the qualification process using binder jetting technology as an example, attendees will also discover the potential of Live Monitor™, a tool that allows for remote tracking of production and control of printing parameters. This technology is a crucial part of the qualification process.

By attending this webinar, you will be at the forefront of technology in the energy sector. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with industry experts. Registration is free, so make sure to sign up HERE.

Let us introduce our esteemed speakers for this webinar. Dr. Sastry Kandukuri, a passionate and experienced digital materials and manufacturing technology professional, will provide his expertise in additive and conventional manufacturing. He will guide users through their journey of additive manufacturing adoption in maritime, oil & gas, mining, and other heavy industries.

Valeria Tirelli, President and CEO of Aidro, a Desktop Metal company, will bring her enthusiasm and expertise to the discussion. Aidro specializes in introducing additive manufacturing into hydraulics and has recently joined the Desktop Metal Group to bring 3D metal printing to mass production for various applications.

Sean Roberts, a member of the Desktop Metal team, will round out the expert panel. With his holistic management of additive metal technology, including Studio and Shop System, Production and X-series, Furnace, materials, and consumables, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

So, mark your calendars and register for free HERE. We can’t wait to see you at the webinar! Let us know in the comments or on our social media pages if you’ll be attending or if you have any questions. And don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly newsletter to stay up to date with the latest 3D printing news. Get ready to dive into the world of additive manufacturing in the energy sector!

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