Initiation of Economic 3D Printed Housing Project in the Caribbean and South America

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All around the world, access to affordable housing is a problem that is increasingly present. Growing increasingly desperate, the people affected are looking for solutions to combat this problem, with many people turning to sharing apartments among several people, sometimes down to each individual room. However, as 3D printing has seen more growth and use in the construction industry, there has been more promise that 3D construction can alleviate some of these problems in the future.

Gradually, more reasonable alternatives to this problem are emerging. Now, two more companies have since joined forces to provide quality housing at reasonable prices and luxurious and customizable housing for people with an average salary. These companies are Black Buffalo 3D, a pioneer company in 3D printing in the field of construction, and Innova Homes Limited, a company from Trinidad and Tobago that is dedicated to the construction and sale of homes and premises. Their goal is to bring low prices to regions such as the Caribbean and South America.

“Undeniably, there is a regional housing crisis as governments and private developers continue to be unable to meet the demand for quality affordable housing in our region. Our team has been following the growth of the 3D construction industry globally for years and we are excited to pioneer the introduction of the technology hand in hand with the Black Buffalo 3D team to bring their equipment and innovative building methods to our region,” said Andy Salandy, the CEO of Innova Homes Limited, in an interview. He also added that, “With 3D technology, Innova will provide not only quality affordable housing, but also middle income and luxury custom building solutions to the people of the Caribbean and South America.”

3D printing in the construction industry is advancing year after year, allowing companies to develop new and more efficient technologies. Black Buffalo 3D and its NEXCON™ 3D printing platform, are already capable of 3D printing the walls of a house over 12 meters high in less than 30 hours. This is due to its advanced technology, which allows materials such as concrete to be mixed and printed in situ. Thanks to these advances, the cost of construction is reduced by almost 80%, and a further reduction of the construction time and amount of waste generated during the process by up to 99%.

Once the walls of the 3D printed house are build, a team of plumbers, electricians and masons are in charge of adding the roof, electrical wiring and plumbing to make the house fully functional. It is worth mentioning that these 3D printed concrete walls, as well as the overall structure of the house, are stronger than traditional concrete block construction. The NEXCON™ printing technology from Black Buffalo 3D finalizes the construction of the home to meet consumer requirements, while Innova Homes Limited, is responsible for finding potential buyers for the project and promoting these homes throughout their target regions, namely South America and the Caribbean, with specific regions mentioned such as Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.

This division of duties is why the partnership of these two companies is the perfect union. Black Buffalo 3D is capable of printing efficient, resistant and sustainable houses which even meet the ICC-ES AC509 requirements for 3D printed homes – being the first company in the world to do so. Innova Homes Limited, thanks to its expertise in engineering, project management and financing, but above all to its established presence in the mentioned regions, increases the visibility of these projects and the overall customer base.

A top-down view of the floor plan of the house design to be marketed by these two companies.

Black Buffalo 3D CEO Mike Miceli, when asked about this, commented, “When our teams met over a year ago, we each recognized synergies in our goals to provide attainable housing and infrastructure to areas in need. Team Innova has the experience not only in building homes, but also in constructing the necessary infrastructure to create communities which made them a perfect partner.” For more information, you can read more HERE.

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