Exploring the Latest 3D Printing News: A Drone for Ukraine, Introduction of OrangeStorm Giga & Review of Zaxe Z3s

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German company Donaustahl will make the 3D printed Titan Falcon drone for a NGO to aid the Ukrainian armed forces. The drone has a 6 hour and 400 kilometer range. The mega interesting thing here is that the design file for this drone can be bought for $15 from designer Titan Dynamics. That firm is specialized in CFD as well as design for 3D printing to extend range for inexpensive drones. Will more companies sell design files for defense work? Donaustahl previously has made pistol stocks. Will 3D printing and file sales enable more firms to 3D print weapons of war?

I was amazed by the Elegoo OrangeStorm Giga at Formnext, Its huge 800 x 800 x 1,000mm and now costs $1500 on Kickstarter. When released it will be around 2000. The company has raised over $4 million on Kickstarter. I´m interested in this as a printer for businesses that could occasionally need a jig or mold. What do you think, will that work?

I also loved the Zaxe Z3s. This Turkish printer looked sophisticated and well made. It retails for $4000, has E3D Revo High Flow and CoreXY architecture with Klipper running on a 32-bit processor. It comes with HEPA and carbon filters and I really think this looks like a great 3D printer for businesses.

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