Godrej & Boyce Sets Up India’s First 3D Printed Office – A Report from 3DPrinting.com

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Godrej Construction, a subsidiary of Godrej & Boyce, used 3D Construction Printing to complete ‘The Cocoon,’ an office space of 500 sq ft, in “just 40 hours”. This was achieved at a campus in Khalapur.

‘The Cocoon,’ is primarily characterized by its unique elliptical design. Prefabricated modules created using 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) technology were utilized in its construction. The success of the project owed much to Lean construction methods, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and sustainable practices, that included the use of 20% recycled concrete aggregates.

Anup Mathew, Senior Vice President at Godrej Construction, underlined the project’s epitomization of pushing the boundaries of architecture and construction. The entire construction process, starting from civil works to landscaping, was accomplished within the impressive timeframe.

Abhijeet Gawde, the Business Development & Marketing Head, has highlighted the pivotal role of 3D building printing to speed up project timelines. The unique design of the column-free structure with an elliptical shape not only met the extreme requirement, but also demonstrated the technology’s competence to manage complicated designs efficiently.

In this evolving global scenario of 3D construction printing, the groundbreaking efforts of Godrej Construction are paving the path for future developments. Their dedication towards sustainability, showcased by their use of recycled concrete aggregates, syncs with the pressing need to minimize the construction sector’s carbon emissions.

The company revealed that The Cocoon was installed complete with civil work, waterproofing, flooring, external and internal painting, electrical installations, lighting, air conditioning setup, plumbing, drainage and sanitation fixtures, office furniture, and landscaping, all within less than 40 hours.

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