Revolutionizing Surgery: Use of Fully 3D Printed Bone Implant in Total Ankle Replacement

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Holy Name Medical Center in New Jersey recently achieved a landmark in orthopedic patient care by performing its first surgery using a custom 3D printed bone implant. The operation was led by Dr. Peter Iannuzzi, a foot and ankle surgery specialist at Holy Name, on a patient who was suffering from chronic pain and had difficulty walking.

The surgery represents a significant advancement in the field of orthopedics for the center. It provided enhanced visual insights into the patient’s anatomy through advanced imaging techniques. Dr. Iannuzzi utilized this technology to design a personalized 3D printed titanium alloy bone and a new ankle joint, fashioned according to the specific requirements of the patient. The process involved removing the patient’s existing bone at the top of the foot and replacing it with the 3D printed implant.

One of the significant advantages of the 3D printing procedure is the ability to improve preoperative planning through three-dimensional visualization of the patient’s foot and ankle. Detailed planning like this allows for more accurate surgical strategies and contributes to an overall improved patient experience.

Through the use of visualization, the medical team was able to design a custom bone, navigating complex areas with increased precision. This not only reduces the risk of complications but also guarantees the best results for the patient. The successful completion of this surgery represents a significant advancement in orthopedic care, demonstrating the possibilities of 3D printing technology in transforming surgical methodologies and enhancing patient results.

“The capability to recreate a bone using this 3D process signifies a noteworthy milestone in patient care,” mentioned Iannuzzi.

“We are now furnished with an unmatched instrument for improving surgical procedures, ultimately offering our patients superior outcomes and an enhanced quality of life.”

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