Shutter Shades: The Eye-Catching Design of the Week for 2024

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2024 Shutter Shades [Source: Printables]

This week’s selection is the 2024 Shutter Shades by Printables contributor Teque5.

What could be more appropriate for New Year’s Day than a pair of 3D printed 2024 shades? Sure, they would have been useful last night, but there’s no reason to not wear them today as well.

This design has a couple of interesting features.

Firstly, this model is quite straightforward to print, consisting of three mostly-flat components that don’t necessitate support during printing. Additionally, the flat structure allows for quicker printing times.

The second notable feature is how the arms are attached to the shades. This is accomplished using a “filament hinge”. In essence, the generated 3D model contains an aperture just about the same size as a 1.75mm filament. Therefore, you don’t need extra components, simply cut two short portions of filament and push them into the hinge apertures.

If the hole is small due to your 3D printer’s performance, you can always widen the hole a bit to more effectively accommodate the filament.

Please be aware that if you print the shades with PLA, they’ll function adequately but may be somewhat fragile. That is to say, they could snap if someone sits on them. The shades might also soften if left in a hot car during the summer.

It’s suggested that you use a higher temperature material like ASA or PETG for printing these. ABS isn’t a good choice as it deteriorates under exposure to UV light (sunlight), unlike ASA.

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