3D Printed Cryptide Shoe Bags Recognition at the 2023 Global Footwear Awards

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The Cryptide, a luxury lifestyle sneaker brand led by designer Stephen Henrich, has won the esteemed 2023 Footwear Brand of the Year title at the Global Footwear Awards (GFA). This year, the GFA highlighted the importance of technology and sustainability, and celebrated The Cryptide’s on-demand manufacturing approach and their exceptional product, the ‘Cryptide One’ shoe. This shoe is completely 3D printed from one type of flexible material, emphasizing its recyclability.

The ‘Cryptide One’ demonstrates innovation with its unique design features. The upper part, which resembles a perforated sock, provides optimal ventilation and can be customized based on a 3D scan of the owner’s foot. The segmented design of the sole addresses specific areas like the toe, ball, and heel, while the midsole features a branching structure that is tailored to fit the weight of the wearer, utilizing FEA and topology optimization.

Astrid Hebert, GFA program director, expressed excitement at seeing so many of this year’s GFA winners integrating sustainability and technology into their designs, hinting at a future with more eco-friendly footwear.

“It’s inspiring to witness the perfect blend of style and innovation.These designers aren’t just making shoes; they’re crafting a narrative of mindful steps towards a more sustainable and tech-driven future.”

The Cryptide wasn’t the only 3D printed shoe honored at the event. The Emerging Footwear Designer of the Year award went to Madeline Helt from the Savannah College of Art and Design, celebrated for her reimagined climbing boots integrating technology for heat retention. The design, a collaboration with Jack Winkler (for 3D printing) and Emily Lacomba (for sock design), emphasizes customizability and sustainability, allowing users to swap or change the sole after wear.

Source: fashionunited.com

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