Review of the Week: Exploring the Creative Process with ‘Workflow: A Practical Guide’

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Workflow: A Practical Guide to the Creative Process [Source: Amazon]

3D printer operators tend to be creative types. That’s the purpose of the device, to create new things. Once an operator learns how to design their own objects in CAD tools, literally anything might come off the 3D printer afterwards.

But what should be made? That is the creative process, a “workflow” that begins with a thought and eventually ends up as a usable 3D design.

Creativity might seem like a natural thing, and it is for some people. However, for most people being truly creative is a challenge and sometimes requires a bit of a kick start to get going.

That’s what this book discusses: the path to a distinct workflow that stimulates creativity and aids in producing superior design ideas. The ultimate aim is to have a practical and adequately appealing product or piece, but what’s the process to achieve it?

This book proposes five essential aspects to the creative method:

  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Crafting a concept
  • Firming up the vision
  • Polishing the product
  • Overseeing the workflow

Each of these components are explored in depth, with the author suggesting various techniques for each. The chapters are quite engaging, with segments such as:

  • Daydream mode
  • Juice up the mundane
  • Is the left brain evil?

If you are struggling with creativity, this book is certainly for you. Even if you identify as a creative individual, there are numerous strategies and skills in this book that could substantially amplify your creative potential.

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