Revive the Past: 3D Printed Kit Transforms Raspberry Pi into a Retro PC

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Raspberry Pi fans now have the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with a 3D printed kit that can transform their Raspberry Pi 4B into an adorable mini retro PC. This ingenious project, devised by a creator known as “fantasticmrdavid” on Printables, evokes the famous 286 PC, replicating its classic allure in great detail.

A notable aspect of this retro PC is that it consists of a functional SD card slot cleverly designed to look like a nostalgic floppy disk drive. This allows users to switch SD cards effortlessly, reminiscent of the good old days of swapping out floppy discs. Supplementary features include twin 25mm fans and a spot for a Raspberry Pi speaker extension, providing for a customized and comprehensive experience.

Fantasticmrdavid has graciously offered a detailed shopping list of required components as well as optional add-ons to successfully execute this project. The essentials include a Raspberry Pi 4B, a 3.5-inch MPI3508 HDMI LCD display, along with requisite cables and screws. For additional convenience, options such as a Pi speaker extension board and dual 25mm fans can be included.

The Micro SD card resembles a floppy disk. (Image Credit: fantasticmrdavid)

For those eager to undertake this exciting Raspberry Pi project in 2024, the provided shopping list ensures a hassle-free assembly process. The detailed instructions guide users through the necessary components, ensuring a successful recreation of the retro PC experience. From the nostalgic aesthetics to the functional SD card reader, this 3D printed kit is a testament to the possibilities that arise when combining old-school nostalgia with a 3D printer.

You can see the full parts list and download the 3D models for printing the retro machine over at Printables, right here.


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