Weekly Design Spotlight: The 2024 Shutter Shades

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2024 Shutter Shades [Source: Printables]

This week’s selection is the 2024 Shutter Shades by Printables contributor Teque5.

What could be more appropriate for New Year’s Day than a pair of 3D printed 2024 shades? Sure, they would have been useful last night, but there’s no reason to not wear them today as well.

This design has a couple of interesting features.

First, printing is quite uncomplicated. There are three almost flat components that don’t necessitate supports for printing. Additionally, their flatness ensures that printing time is reduced.

The second distinctive feature is how the arms are attached to the shades. This is achieved by a “filament hinge”. Simply put, the 3D model has a hole approximately the same size as a 1.75mm filament. Hence, there is no need for extra components, just cut off two brief pieces of filament and insert into the hinge holes.

Should the hole width be too narrow due to your 3D printer’s operation, you always have the option to increase the hole size slightly for a better filament fit.

One vital thing to remember is if you print the shades using PLA, even though it will function, they could be quite delicate. Meaning, if someone were to sit on them, they could break. Additionally, the shades could soften if left in a hot car during the summer.

It’s suggested that you print these in a material that can handle higher temperatures like ASA or PETG. ABS is not advocated due to its tendency to degrade under UV light exposure (sunlight). On the other hand, ASA doesn’t display this behavior.

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