Scaling Production Could Lower the Cost of 3D Printed Eels

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Whether due to financial reasons, ethical beliefs, or mere geographical constraints, the prospect of 3D printed vegan eel as an alternative to the actual product presents an interesting opportunity. An enterprise based in Israel named Steakholder Foods has pioneered this innovation — they have presented what they argue to be the first ever plant-based, printed eel.

It’s worth acknowledging that eel exhibits complex texturing, a challenge that seems fittingly solved by 3D printing. The firm reveals that they achieve likeness through meticulous layering and the use of “a unique combination of materials,” details of which they retain as trade secrets. Although the current version of the product relies exclusively on plant components, they intend to integrate eel cells in future developments. As it stands, Steakholder Foods is seeking partnership opportunities, offering their printers and ink to allow collaborators to generate immediate revenue.

The process of whether the eel is first printed and then cooked, or printed and cooked simultaneously like this chicken, remains uncertain. Nonetheless, it appears to be appetizing. Would you consider trying 3D printed foodstuffs? Perhaps you already have? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

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