INTUAURA Reveals New 3D Printed In-Ear Monitors: A Breakthrough in Audio Technology

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INTUAURA, an audio tech company has unveiled its innovative products, Luna Plume and View Splendor in-ear monitors. These top-tier audio products showcase the brand’s dedication to offer premium sound quality at a reasonable cost.

The Luna Plume, competitively priced at $149, comes with hand-drawn patterns on each unit, signifying artistry and exceptional sound quality. The dynamic driver unit comes with a nano-coated diaphragm similar to diamond, ensuring clear sound reproduction with minimal distortion. The Luna Plume is built using an ultra-precise 3D printing technique in consortium with HeyGears, offering not only a delightful sight but also a comfortable fit for the user.

The Luna Plume has a dynamic driver unit that are specifically developed to deliver sound that is rich, clear and detailed. With the usage of A.W.C.T technology, it fine-tunes to absorb excessive harmonic peaks, resulting in clear vocal details, well-separated musical instruments, and a strong, punchy bass response.

The View Splendor, which costs $229.99, is also a standout product with its vibrant, hand-painted patterns and single dynamic driver setup. These earpieces too are created using 3D printing and their shells are semi-transparent, giving them an attractive finish. In terms of sound quality, the Splendor achieves a balanced, live sound, with a significant lower end, clear mid-range reproduction and long-lasting treble performance.

Both the Luna Plume and the View Splendor come with high-quality cables included and 0.78mm 2-pin connectors for versatile connectivity. These exceptional in-ear monitors are not only appealing for audiophiles in terms of their appearance but they also offer excellent sound capabilities.

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