Upcoming 3D Printing Webinars and Events: A Preview for January 7, 2024

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It’s the inaugural webinar and event compilation of the New Year! The pace is gradual, but this week certainly boasts exciting activities, like CES 2024 and an exclusive webinar from 3DPrint.com featuring 3D Systems about its NoSupports metal AM tech. Dive in for all the juicy info!

Peeling Back 3D Printing News

Joris Peels, our Executive Editor who also serves as the VP of Consulting at Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR), conducts a 20 minutes or less news livestream called ‘3D Printing News Unpeeled’ one or two times a week at 9:30 am EST. Every episode finds Peels on LinkedIn Live breaking down the crucial weekly news in the 3D printing field, and explaining their significance. His roundup dips into stories some of which are covered at 3DPrint.com, and some that haven’t been, but they are all fascinating and of major consequence!

January 8 – 10: Advanced PolyJet Training with Stratasys

Stratasys has made available Expert Instruction sessions in both EMEA and the United States. The first such U.S. event of 2024 will focus on “PolyJet Advanced Operations” at their Eden Prairie, Minnesota location, the location of the North American Subsidiary Headquarters, from the 8th to 10th of January. It is oriented towards users of their high-end PolyJet 3D printers. The course, which costs $3,000, will go through subjects like PolyJet materials and their uses, basic color principles, problem solving, and more. Among other things, the hands-on part of the course will handle GrabCAD Print, Finishing Applications, Cleaning techniques and Practices.

“The training aims to equip users with the knowledge to get the most from their printer.”

To secure a place, send a message to training.us@stratasys.com. The U.S. will also host this course in the months of February, March, April, May, and June of this year.

January 9th to January 12th: Consumer Electronics Show 2024

In the forthcoming year 2024, the renowned International Consumer Electronics Show, commonly referred to as CES, will be taking place from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas. An all-encompassing array of topics will be on the agenda, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, sustainability, robotics, drones, smart homes and cities, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web3 and the Metaverse. The event is expected to see representation from over 150 countries, territories, and regions, with showcasing companies ranging from manufacturers and developers to suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems, and further. For the past few years, 3DPrint.com has not attended CES but there’s always no doubt on 3D printing news being a part of the report during this tech event. This year’s exhibitors list includes names like Monoprice, Formlabs, and more.

CES® stands as the globally recognized tech event, serving as the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Brands utilize this platform for business, for meeting new partners and for the industry’s keen minds to take the stage unveiling their latest releases and breakthroughs. Organized and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES manifests itself as the only trade show which showcases the entire tech landscape in a single event.

Registrations for CES 2024 are open and can be done here.

January 9: Automation of SOLIDWORKS Design using DriveWorks

TriMech is hosting a webinar titled “Introduction to Using DriveWorks for Automating Your SOLIDWORKS Designs” on Tuesday, January 9th at 10 am EST. The DriveWorks team will present an overview of using DriveWorks software for automating SOLIDWORKS designs, and demonstrate the capture and reuse of design, manufacture, and cost estimation knowledge for quick and accurate custom product delivery. They will also be available to answer any questions.

DriveWorks pairs SOLIDWORKS® assembly, part, and drawing automation with engaging 3D CPQ sales configurator features. This enables manufacturers to execute successful digital selling strategies, enhance their work efficiency, reduce errors, and surpass customer expectations.”

Webinar registration is accessible here. If you are unavailable during the scheduled time, you may view future sessions via this link.

January 9: 3DPrint.com & 3D Systems on Metal Printing with NoSupports

Also on Tuesday the 9th, at 2 pm EST, join 3DPrint.com for an exclusive webinar with 3D Systems about how to “Expand Design Capabilities and Reduces Costs: Metal Printing with NoSupports.” Dr. Pierre Van Cauwenbergh, Product Manager for NoSupports, and Allan Huntington, Application Expert, will introduce this technology, which can decrease the need for support structures in 3D Systems’ Direct Metal Printing (DMP) and speed up design cycles, expand the design envelope, and open up new applications. Attendees will discover how to maintain superior part quality while using NoSupports in DMP, understand the technology’s value proposition and typical use cases, gain new insights from case studies about industrial and healthcare applications using NoSupports, and more.

“Learn about the value proposition and typical use cases of NoSupports™, and gain insights from two compelling case studies covering healthcare and industrial applications. Explore how NoSupports™ technology, combined with high-productivity printing strategies, can improve efficiency, shorten lead times, and lower costs throughout the entire additive manufacturing workflow, all while maintaining superior part quality. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to metal printing. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards transforming your additive manufacturing process.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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