Embracing Innovation: The Emergence of 3D Printed Surfboards – A Feature by 3DPrinting.com

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Tanner Waite, a mechanical engineer based in California, has crafted a 23-piece surfboard using 3D printing. The inspiration behind Waite’s neon-orange, PETG filament based creation was the Cassette Deck from Chemistry Surfboards, and featured a distinctive Lego-like design.

The decision of Waite to go down this path was not due to creative preferences alone; rather, he was bound by the constraints of his 3D printer bed’s size. Since it couldn’t accommodate larger components, he meticulously engineered the surfboard into 23 smaller fragments. Each piece was printed with a 6 percent infill to achieve the best strength-to-weight ratio.

Four months of tireless hard work and continuous printing led to the surfboard’s creation. Upon its first appearance at the beach, it was met with both enthusiasm and skepticism. The surfboard, brought to life by Waite, surprisingly floated and endured paddling. But, the real challenge was a bold 360-degree trick, which subsequently resulted in the board breaking apart.

Despite the breakage, Waite received a positive response from the surfing community, including valuable feedback. Waite is gearing up for a second version with a promised “very thin hot coat.”

This venture, even with its setbacks, has shown the potential in combining surfing and engineering through 3D printing. As the surfing world begins to embrace these unconventional approaches, the future promises exciting possibilities for better designs, improved materials, and sturdy 3D printed surfboards that push the boundaries of wave-riding.

The blend of precise engineering and passion for surfing paves the way for a future where unconventional designs completely transform the surfing experience.

Source: surfertoday.com

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