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In the world of portable gaming, a new innovation has surfaced, addressing a common issue among Steam Deck users. A Redditor, known as Destrike, has created and 3D printed a holder for the Steam Deck, providing a solution for extended gameplay during long flights.

The challenge of handling the rather heavy Steam Deck, particularly in tight spaces such as airplanes, often results in hand cramps for users. Destrike’s solution is a 3D printed gadget that effortlessly attaches to an airplane’s tray table. This holder allows users to securely place their Steam Deck, allowing for hands-free gaming without the need to support the device for extended durations.

Destrike demonstrated their creation on the Steam Deck subreddit, emphasizing its practicality during actual use on a flight. The design, labeled as “version 3,” suggests an iterative process aimed at refinement. Destrike hinted at another upcoming version incorporating a hinge/tilt mechanism for better viewing angles, revealing a commitment to continuous improvement.

The 3D printed accessory allows comfortable gaming on flights. (Image Credit: Destrike)

The design is not yet available for public download, but its modular construction, comprising four parts, suggests future accessibility for users. The design’s use of PETG plastic ensures compatibility with “most” economy plane tray tables, with extensive testing limited primarily to Air Canada’s economy seats.

As users eagerly anticipate the public availability of Destrike’s design, the potential to ease hand cramps during long flights is exciting. This innovative 3D printed solution offers a practical and user-friendly response to the challenges presented by the Steam Deck’s weight and ergonomics in various settings.

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