Revopoint Takes 3D Scanning to the Next Level with the MIRACO Scanner

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3D scanner manufacturer Revopoint has announced its latest product, the MIRACO 3D Scanner, calling it a new interpretation of “3D Scanning Redefined.”

The company, which has Ph.D. experts from recognized international research institutions and an innovative founding team, has been creating diverse, cutting-edge 3D vision technologies since 2014. “Our company’s foundation is innovation and user-centricity, constantly creating a 3D digital future for users worldwide,” they said.

A multi-faceted and exact scanning device for varied sectors

The MIRACO 3D Scanner took center stage at Formnext, courtesy of Revopoint. This sophisticated scanning device comes with numerous features and uses, catering to a wide range of sectors and redefining the perception of 3D scanning. The MIRACO 3D Scanner, emphasizing adaptability and precision, can manage various object sizes with accuracy levels from 0.05 mm to 0.5 mm for complex details and larger surfaces, respectively. Outfitted with a 48MP RGB camera of high resolution, it presents comprehensive and highly colored captures. Remarkably, it is also the world’s lightest standalone 3D scanner, tipping the scale at just 750g, and has an impressive battery life of up to 2 hours for interrupted scanning, according to the company.

The MIRACO scanner has a variety of uses across many different industries, such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, healthcare, education, industrial maintenance, artistic creation, environmental science, 3D printing, and more. The company reveals that its versatility is not limited to this, but also extends to the creation of virtual or augmented reality content, 3D animation, and object capture for software and game development.

Offering a diverse 3D Scanner lineup for varied needs

Revopoint’s product lineup consists of more than just the MIRACO 3D Scanner. It also includes the POP, INSPIRE, MINI, and RANGE series. These scanners were designed to accommodate a variety of scanning needs. They are compatible with many operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, which ensures easy integration into a variety of work arrangements.

The introduction of the Revopoint MIRACO, an independent 3D scanner, offers professionals a simplified and user-friendly solution for scanning objects of different sizes, which can ultimately result in reduced expenses and enhanced productivity. The methods employed by Revopoint incorporate a variety of internally developed 3D vision technology systems, merged with a robust production framework and an efficient supply chain management strategy. These strategies allow the firm to provide affordable 3D scanning devices to a worldwide audience, accessible via both online and offline distribution channels.

Additional information on the Revopoint MIRACO can be found here.

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