Design Spotlight: The Ingenious Plant Pot with a Concealed Storage Compartment

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This week’s selection is the Plant Pot with Hidden Box by Factorian Designs.

This is quite an interesting design, although it may not at first appear to be so. At a glance it seems to be a rather attractive 3D printed plant pot, similar to many designs publicly available.

If you lift the pot and look underneath — being very careful to not spill the plant — you’ll see a curious square on the bottom.

This area, if pushed, activates the release and a small box can be pulled out.

The box can serve as a secret storage location for small items, like keys, currency, documents, or even your valuable crypto keys.

Upon placing the plant pot, it appears completely ordinary, hiding its secret well from unsuspecting eyes.

This clever design is suitable for being created with a 3D printer and easy to put together.

However, accessing the model isn’t free. It’s listed on Thangs and Cults3D for a fee. Thangs offers a membership where you can download three premium models monthly for US$5, or obtain an increased number at US$7 per month. Cults3D allows a single download of this specific model for slightly more than US$3.

Via Thangs, Cults3D, and Factorian Designs

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