Quantica Boosts Series A Funding: A Milestone Achievement in Tech Investment

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The Berlin-based technology firm Quantica specializing in additive manufacturing has announced an increase in its Series A funding, now totaling €19.7 million.

The increase was led by British private equity and venture capital entity West Hill Capital, according to the firm. The round also received funding from a family-owned dental sector company, Quantica’s own management team, and the Korean venture capital entity Big Bang Angels.

This recent increase in funds accompanies a series of significant achievements for Quantica including a partnership with ALTANA Cubic Ink to broaden their materials range for inkjet technology, a strategic collaboration with ImageXpert, and the launching of MultiSlice, their new AI-driven software for build management and slicing, developed in cooperation with the Czech start-up Additive Appearance.

“Quantica’s innovative technology and strong growth potential make it an exciting addition to our portfolio,” said David Hollidge, Managing Partner at West Hill Capital. “We look forward to working with the Quantica team to help drive the company’s expansion and bring its groundbreaking additive manufacturing solutions to a wider market.”

Funding to be used for NovoJet platforms

Quantica aims to advance additive manufacturing with its two flagship systems, the NovoJet OPEN and the NovoJet JetPack. The NovoJet open printing platform employs Quantica’s ultra-high viscosity jetting technology for both 2D and 3D applications. 

Designed for research institutes, R&D labs, and organizations, this system can be employed for customized and low-volume production in addition to feasibility testing and application development, allowing for a seamless transition from lab to violin production. Previously, Quantica partnered with Xaar to manufacture NovoJet printheads to incorporate them into the NovoJet OPEN platform.

On the other hand, the NovoJet JetPack is a system designed for research and development in additive manufacturing. It allows researchers to experiment with and refine new materials to ensure they work seamlessly with NovoJet printheads. This functionality promotes progress in material science and the development of new processes within the broader field of additive manufacturing.

“We are thrilled to welcome West Hill Capital as a new partner to our company,” said Claus Moseholm, CEO of Quantica. “This latest commitment shows how attractive our business and technology is for the larger international market. The additional funding will allow us to further expand our team and accelerate the development and production of our cutting-edge additive manufacturing solutions.”

Scaling AM with funding rounds

Apart from Quantica, several firms have grabbed the spotlight with their announcements of Series A funding rounds.

For instance, Q.Big 3D, based in Aalen, successfully secured a €2 million series A funding round spearheaded by HZG Group. Also contributing were long-standing investor Manz AG, an internationally recognized engineering company, and its founder Dieter Manz personally. This financial influx coincided with Q.Big 3D’s introduction of their Queen 1 “XXXL” large-format 3D printer, which had been in beta testing since the autumn of 2022, according to the company.

Another Berlin-headquartered company, the industrial parts sourcing platform MakerVerse, accumulated €9.4 million (approximately $10 million) in a Series A funding round spearheaded by 9.5 Ventures. Early backers like ZEISS and Siemens Energy were also involved in this round of funding.

Launched in early 2022, MakerVerse provides an AI-driven platform for instant quotes and global access to advanced manufacturing technologies like additive manufacturing and CNC machining. This funding was aimed at scaling its on-demand manufacturing develop their platform further to accommodate large projects and better integrate with client systems.

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