iSANMATE’s Advanced Materials Revolutionize 3D Printing: Unleashing New Opportunities for Innovation

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The selection of materials for additive manufacturing significantly influences its application. As this technology gains prominence in various industries, companies are now exploring its benefits. This has led to the availability of numerous materials, particularly plastic filaments suited for extrusion-based 3D printing. Industries such as art, lighting, furniture, and toy manufacturing are leveraging this technology for its customization advantages, cost reductions, and faster product delivery. Among these options, iSANMATE offers an extensive range of FFF 3D printing materials, facilitating innovation across various sectors.

The adoption of various materials and supportive government policies are driving the growth of the 3D printing industry. According to a report by Market Research Future, this market is anticipated to reach a value of $15.4 billion by 2032, with an annual growth rate of 18.07%. The diverse filaments available empower artists to create intricate and innovative projects that transcend traditional art forms. As the iSANMATE team notes, designers of lamps and furniture are also integrating 3D printing techniques to create distinctive designs, minimize waste, and enhance manufacturing processes.

iSANMATE’s 3F printing materials range

Within the dynamic sphere of technological advancement, iSANMATE, a pioneer hailing from Asia, has introduced three distinct filament series named Rainbow, Wood, and Lamp. These filaments offer compatibility with an extensive array of FFF 3D printers and are distinguished by their vibrant colors, wood-like textures, and vintage lamp-like appearances. These high-performance filaments significantly enhance manufacturing outcomes and empower designers and manufacturers with augmented creativity and innovation.

Moreover, to further explore the potential of these filament collections, iSANMATE has entered a collaboration with on.demand (, responsible for managing the renowned Cubee3D design platform in Singapore. This collaboration aims to establish a nexus for home décor product procurement. The case applications resulting from this partnership illustrate the efficacy and versatility of the filaments.

Rainbow filament series

The Rainbow series from iSANMATE, comprising both PLA and PLA+ options, infuses printed models with vibrant, colorful effects. Utilizing multiple practical applications in conjunction with on.demand, iSANMATE has showcased the allure and operational efficiency of these filaments across various projects, including decorative items and crafts. Notably, the filaments exhibit a color transition effect during printing based on the print’s size. For instance, a model using approximately 60g/8cm of filament displays two colors, whereas a use of 180g/13cm shows three colors, and 260g/20cm reveals four colors. These capabilities make the Rainbow series perfect for producing visually striking art pieces, innovative designs, or playful toys.

The rainbow series enables the creation of components featuring a gradient effect incorporating various colors.

Wood Filament Series

PLA Wood filaments combine the ease of printing of PLA with the genuine texture of wood. Crafted from top-quality materials and a specific mix of wood powder, these filaments deliver exceptional print results. The series has gained popularity in the market due to the variety it offers through iSANMATE, ranging from Rose Wood to Ebony Wood and Vera Wood, each providing a unique aspect to achieve a realistic finish. Their performance is highlighted in several print examples that vividly show the extrusion process. These filaments are perfect for creating furniture and decorative pieces, adding a natural and eco-friendly touch to any project.

Lamp Filament Series

The lamp filament series developed by iSANMATE uses polycarbonate (PC), a material superiorly suited for producing lamps that must endure high temperatures and intense pressure. Notably, PC’s high resistance to heat and weather conditions ensures that the fixtures maintain their integrity over time both indoors and outdoors, contributing to their overall durability and reliability. Moreover, the exceptional transparency and optical qualities of PC filaments allow for innovative designs, enhancing visual appeal and effectiveness in lighting applications.

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