Bambu Lab’s 2nd Anniversary Sale: Is Now the Right Time to Buy, or Should You Wait for New Models?

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Bambu Lab is having a massive sale on their equipment — but should you buy?

The company has rocked the 3D printing world with their innovative equipment. Because of their dramatic entry, desktop equipment is now expected to operate at very high speeds, be far more reliable, and easy to use. Their changes were a very good thing.

As this is apparently their second anniversary, they are having a rather big sale that involves most of their equipment. Let’s look at the discounts now available:

  • A1: US$339, 15% discount
  • A1 mini: US$199, 33% discount
  • X1C: US$1299, 10% discount
  • P1S: US$599, 14% discount
  • AMS: US$299, 14% discount
  • AMS lite: US$199, 20% discount

Those are significant discounts for very well-regarded machines. In particular, the A1 mini price is astonishing for a machine of that capability and reliability. Clearly, this is a good time to buy them.

Or is it?

There has been much speculation about Bambu Lab’s next devices, which are possibly nearing an announcement date.

Companies frequently use sales of this type to clear out inventory to make room for new models. Actually, if better machines are announced, then it suddenly becomes far more challenging to sell any existing inventory, so reducing it is a good plan for the company.

Those who take advantage of the sale will certainly acquire great machines, but could then later be disappointed when new machines suddenly appear.

Should you buy these or wait for new machines? Here are some considerations:


If your budget won’t permit buying machines at regular prices, then by all means take advantage of this sale. If this is the only way to obtain Bambu Lab equipment, then go right ahead. However, consider there are some slightly lower priced 3D printers on the market, but they are almost all less capable and reliable than the Bambu Lab machines.

Existing Gear

You might already have some of these Bambu Lab machines in your 3D print farm, and adding identical machines is an obvious move. It’s easier to maintain one kind of machine rather than two. Spare parts can be shared, procedures are the same, etc. If you’re happy with the existing equipment and want more, that’s a good reason to buy.

Printing Needs

Perhaps you’re new to 3D printing and want to get a good start. This sale might be a good way to get involved, as the equipment is top-notch and now available at the best prices ever. Because of your newness you may not appreciate (yet) the features of a new machine announcement. You can then wait for that new machine to go on sale in a year or so and pick it up then.

On the other hand, if you’re pushing the envelope on 3D printing and want or require the latest tech, then it’s advisable to wait. There is no doubt that Bambu Lab is working on something new.

The signals that are in the air suggest that an announcement could come in the next short while. However, we don’t know exactly what would be announced.

They may announce a large format machine targeted at industry. Is that what you’re waiting for? Or maybe you want a more advanced desktop device for personal use?

Remember that Bambu Lab can announce new products whenever they like. They might announce an industrial machine first, but then later follow with a desktop machine. We just don’t know what they intend on doing.

Buy or wait, it’s your decision. But whatever your decision is, be happy with it.

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