Innovative Maker Develops 3D Printed Bottle Labeling Machine

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A maker named “Fraens” has developed an intricate bottle labeling machine predominantly made from orange 3D printed plastic. This machine emphasizes the use of 3D printed parts for tasks typically handled by industrial automation.

Almost all components, except for fasteners, smooth rods, acrylic panels, and aluminum extrusion sections, were 3D printed. Nevertheless, the machine functions seamlessly.

The project illustrates the potential of 3D printing in manufacturing complex, custom machinery parts. Traditional methods might require sourcing rollers and gears or using a full machine shop, which are more expensive and complicated options. However, 3D printing allowed Fraens to efficiently produce unique components like label guides and interchangeable glue pattern collars using desktop 3D printers.

You can see more details about the 3D printed labeling machine in the video below.

This build demonstrates the versatility and precision possible with 3D printing. His previous works include a vibratory rock tumbler and a cigarette stuffing machine, all characterized by their intricate design and use of orange plastic with an industrial aesthetic.


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