Framework Unveils Open Source 3D CAD Files for Laptop 16: A Game Changer for DIY Enthusiasts –

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Framework has released open source 3D CAD files for its “Laptop 16”, allowing user-driven customization for owners of the machine. Known for its modular laptops, Framework enables easy upgrades and repairs, aligning with the DIY ethos of 3D printing enthusiasts.

The company has also unveiled a new version of their “Laptop 13”, featuring Intel Core Ultra processors, a 9.2-megapixel webcam, and support for 96 GB of RAM, shipping in August. Due to high demand, the larger Laptop 16 is now back in stock and available for immediate shipping.

The open source CAD files allow users to develop their own custom components for the Laptop 16. This initiative has already inspired community projects, such as an open source RGB LED Matrix and a carrying case for Expansion Bay modules.

Framework’s goal is to foster a vibrant mod community, encouraging the creation of 3D printed replacement parts, skins, and other customizations. The company expressed enthusiasm for the potential developments from the community.

Framework’s initiative aims to cultivate a collaborative environment for developing custom laptop parts through open source 3D CAD files.

The files are accessible on GitHub and cover external system components and main modules.

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