M&H to Revolutionize US Power Plants with 3D Printed Turbine Blades

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With the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the USA sealed the increased expansion of renewable energies in 2022. Since then, the available funds have been used to expand green alternatives. Last year, for example, solar systems with a capacity of 33 gigawatts were installed, and annual growth of 14% is expected in the US renewable energy sector by 2028. Despite focusing on sustainable energy, the USA appears to be working on a plan B for dark phases. There is an increased demand for stationary, gas-powered small power plants. For example, aircraft engines can be converted to fulfill these purposes and stabilize the US power grid in an emergency. But how does an aircraft engine become a power plant? This requires extensive specialist knowledge of materials, aviation components, and the prevailing standards. The company M&H from Ilz in Austria brings this to the table, enabling it to secure a cooperation deal worth millions.

The Austrian company focuses on 3D printing and CNC machining and has experience producing parts for racing and aviation. Its combination of expertise in 3D metal printing and high-performance materials has enabled M&H to prevail against international competition. As a strategic partner, M&H will now accompany the transformation of the turbines.


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