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M&H CNC Technik GmbH has received a significant order to supply additively manufactured turbine blades to the US power sector. The Austrian company, specializing in metal additive manufacturing, will deliver over 2,500 components by 2031. This contract, valued in the double-digit million range, marks the largest in M&H’s history.

The growing demand for renewable energy in the US, driven by the Inflation Reduction Act, necessitates maintaining a stable power grid with stationary, gas-powered small power plants. These plants often use converted aging gas turbines, requiring advanced components to ensure efficiency and reliability.

The turbine blades, fabricated from Inconel 718, are integral to the gas turbine’s exhaust system. Inconel 718 is a heat-resistant nickel-chromium alloy, known for its high strength and durability at elevated temperatures. M&H’s expertise in additive manufacturing and its experience with Inconel 718, particularly from the aviation sector, position the company well for this project.

Jochen Wagner, M&H’s sales manager, stated that their capabilities were proven with the first prototypes, leading to the successful acquisition of the order.

M&H’s order highlights the increasing integration of additive manufacturing in energy sector applications, emphasizing the role of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques in modern power infrastructure.

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