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3D printing solutions provider Dynamism is now offering Z-Polymers’ TullomerTM super-polymer filament to customers in North America. This pure polymer filament matches the properties of polymers with continuous fibers such as carbon, Kevlar, and glass.

In fact, it is comparable in tensile strength to certain types of aluminum alloy, with a tensile strength of a staggering 250 MPa. That is practically unheard of in unfilled filaments.

What is even more appealing is that you don’t need an industrial-grade FDM system to print it. TullomerTM is compatible with various consumer-grade 3D printers, including models from Bambu Lab, Ultimaker and more.

TullomerTM in filament and fiber form. (Image Credit: Z-Polymers)

Z-Polymers’ TullomerTM Filament boasts superior quality and performance, offering high strength and stiffness, stable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), inertness, non-flammability, and exceptional chemical resistance.

It also has low moisture absorption, high thermal performance, and low dielectric material properties, providing RF transparency. These properties make it ideal for professional applications that demand high-performance materials, such as aerospace and motorsports.

You can see a selection of material properties in the table below:

TullomerTM mechanical and thermal properties. (Image Credit: Z-Polymers)

TullomerTM Filament is not only strong and relatively easy to print, it is also eco-friendly. It is PFAS-free, fully recyclable, and produced using an energy-efficient manufacturing process that generates minimal waste. These attributes make it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious users.

To experience the superior quality and performance of TullomerTM, contact Dynamism for a print sample and see how TullomerTM Filament can transform your projects.

For more information, reach out to Dynamism over at their website, right here.

About Dynamism & Z-Polymers

Dynamism is a leader in professional 3D printing and Industry 4.0 solutions for enterprise, industrial, and educational applications. They provide best-in-class brands with industry-leading service and support. With offices in Chicago, Denver, and the U.K., showrooms in Detroit and Chicago, and a global support network, Dynamism offers international sales and support in local languages across Asia and Europe.

Z-Polymers, is a leading materials science company, specializes in high-performance 3D printing materials and fibers. The company is known for developing advanced, sustainable filaments for demanding applications, emphasizing innovation and environmental responsibility.

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