Mitsui Chemicals and ARRK Join Forces to Develop High-Performance Concept Car Using 3D Printing Technology

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Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and ARRK Corporation have announced their materials’ use in a high-performance concept car based on the Toyota Fortuner. The car, dubbed the Hyper-F CONCEPT features 3D printed components and TAFNEX CF/PP, a carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene resin sheet developed by Mitsui Chemicals.

TAFNEX CF/PP is utilized for decorative elements on the front bumper and hood air vents, while the 3D printed components are fitted to the hood air duct bezels. These materials contribute to weight reduction and improved aerodynamic performance.

The direct pellet-fed 3D printing technology combines expertise from Dreams Design Corporation and ExtraBold Inc., offering high-speed production of large parts and reducing development lead times and costs. This method uses mechanisms similar to injection molding, forming structures directly from plastic pellets, allowing for efficient production of large structures and contributing to a circular economy by recycling 3D printed items into new raw materials.

TAFNEX CF/PP offers lightweight, rigidity, and moldability, adaptable for various applications, including automotive and drone sectors. It supports the circular economy by allowing 3D printed items to be recycled. Additionally, this unidirectional tape (UD tape) made from carbon fiber and polypropylene composite boasts features that can be customized, such as marble-like patterns.

The TOYOTA Hyper-F CONCEPT will be showcased at the Bangkok Auto Salon 2024 and the Bangsaen Grand Prix 2024.

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