Celebrate Independence Day with Patriotic 3D Printing Projects

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This coming Thursday is the 4th of July, or Independence Day here in the U.S. Across the country, there will be cookouts, parades, fireworks, and a lot of people drinking beer while wearing red, white, and blue shirts. But I think another good way to be patriotic this week is by 3D printing! I’ve pulled together a short list of free 3D printable Independence Day models so you can join in the fun.

Fireworks! Lighted Indoor/Outdoor Art Sculpture

First up is this cool-looking fireworks sculpture by Thingiverse user rwmech that you can set up inside your living room, or outside for a backyard barbecue. It’s an easy print with no infill or supports needed, but to make the smoke look the best it can, you should print that with 3-4 walls. Each firework has three parts, and you’ll just need a little super glue to attach them together. Insert a short, white LED strip to light it up, which should be waterproof if you set the sculpture up outdoors.

“You feel in the moment watching the firework go into the air with this lighted piece. I used a blue/white transition filament for the smoke. The rocket can be single or multicolor.”

U.S.A Flag

MyMiniFactory user Stlflix is a “multi-theme ever-growing library of STL files,” including this American flag print that undulates with the help of a gear. The file is recommended for FDM printers, and this 14 cm tall one was specifically printed on an Ender 3 in about 19 hours. The recommended settings include a 0.16 mm layer height, three walls, 10% gyroid infill, and a skirt for build plate adhesion. But, no supports are needed.

“Being able to fly a flag this easily is a green flag.”

Statue of Liberty Low Poly Sparkler holder

Here’s another patriotic Thingiverse print, this one from user zomb1esheik. I initially thought this was just a cool Independence Day decoration, but it’s actually used to hold sparklers as well! This festive, modern-looking print was made with “lightweight and durable materials,” and the geometric shapes of the low-poly design are definitely eye-catching. Place your sparkler in Lady Liberty’s torch to light up the night in celebration.

“Bring a touch of liberty and sparkle to your celebrations with this charming, low-poly Statue of Liberty sparkler holder!

This unique design features a simplified silhouette of Lady Liberty, perfectly sized for handheld sparklers.”


Finally, if you’re looking for a fun project for the 4th of July that requires a little more work, this Flag Flapper by Cults3D user PROTOPAT_PRINTS should do the trick. It’s the perfect size for your desk, so you can take it to work and get ready for the holiday all week long before that long-awaited day off to kick back with a burger and some backyard bottle rockets.

“This mech will ensure that your flag is always waving.”

Check out the video below to learn about the design process, as well as print settings and details, assembly instructions, and motor recommendations. There is also a non-motorized option as well.

As always, 3DPrint.com wishes you a safe and happy holiday, and happy 3D printing!

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