McLaren Partners with Divergent for Groundbreaking Additive Manufacturing Innovations –

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McLaren Automotive has announced a multi-year collaboration with Divergent Technologies to enhance vehicle performance, sustainability, and production efficiency through additive manufacturing.

Divergent’s advanced design and manufacturing approach will enable McLaren to integrate complex designs into its vehicles while improving manufacturing efficiencies and sustainability. McLaren will initially use Divergent’s Adaptive Production System (DAPSTM) to additively manufacture chassis components for its next-generation supercars, aiming to reduce weight and improve performance.

The partnership aligns with McLaren’s focus on innovation and engineering excellence, ensuring that the new components meet stringent performance and safety standards. The partnership marks a significant step towards incorporating advanced additive manufacturing techniques in mainstream automotive production.

“We’re excited to work with Divergent who, like McLaren, have demonstrated a commitment to manufacturing and engineering innovation,” said Michael Leiters, CEO at McLaren Automotive.

“This technology will help us to further reduce weight in our complex structures, which will ultimately benefit the driving experience of our customers and support McLaren’s mission to push the boundaries of performance.”

The two companies share the objective of advancing DAPSTM adoption in the automotive industry, potentially transforming vehicle design and performance. This collaboration highlights the potential of additive manufacturing to advance traditional automotive manufacturing processes, making them more efficient and sustainable.

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